HC Chapter 477

After her work processing came to an end, Ye Yunla leaned back in her office chair and swiped her phone.

Suddenly, a news item caught her attention and she saw the familiar name and tapped in.

“According to our reporter’s tracking report, a child kidnapping suspect Ye Mouxue was found to be pregnant with the day before yesterday, the first time in recent years that a suspect was found to be pregnant before the trial …… But never thought that the day after the pregnancy was discovered, Ye Mouxue had an accidental miscarriage because she mistakenly ate the porridge sent by her boyfriend ……”

Ye Yunla sat up violently and straightened her body.

Yesterday she had been thinking, if Ye Xueying only had to go to jail for three years because of the child in her belly, would that be fair to her four children?

Before she could think of a result, Ye Xueying had a miscarriage ……

Is it because God saw how vicious Ye Xueying was to her four children that he deprived Ye Xueying of her right to be a mother?

Ye Yunla turned off the news world with a very complicated mood.

These four years that were missed could not be made up for by anything ……


Her phone vibrated on the desktop and she scanned the caller ID, it was Feng Chengyu who she hadn’t contacted in a long time.

“Little Yara, if I don’t call you, are you on the verge of forgetting about me?”

Ye Yunla didn’t bother to pay attention to him and asked carelessly, “Tell me, what’s the reason for your call?”

“There’s really something I need to ask you …….” Feng Chengyu said playfully, “I came back to Haicheng yesterday, I was afraid you would dislike me, so I didn’t dare to look for you, so I spent the night in a bar, and as a result, I ran into my first girlfriend, she kept pestering me, and I was getting annoyed ……”

“Isn’t that nice?” Ye Yunla said sarcastically, “You change girlfriends every day, you can occasionally taste what it is like to go back to the grass.”

“Those girlfriends of mine, they are all women from the night market, but my first girlfriend is the daughter of a decent family, how can I hold her back?” Feng Chengyu sighed, “Little Yara, she’s really pestering me too much, hurry up and come over and help me fix her!”

Ye Yunla really had a headache.

When she was abroad, Feng Cheng Yu often changed his girlfriends, and sometimes when his ex-girlfriends and ex-ex-girlfriends came to his door to cause trouble, she was responsible for taking care of them.

Feng Chengyu often helped her take care of her two children, and she could only stiffen her head to do such a classless thing ……

“Little Yara, please, for the last time, it really is the last time ……”

Ye Yunla glanced at the time, it was still early for kindergarten to be dismissed, she said helplessly, “Okay, give me the address.”

“Mua-da, little Yara you are really my lifesaver!”

Feng Chengyu hung up the phone and sent the address the next second.

Ye Yunla took her coat and went out, Tan Jing gave her a look, “Wow, Mr Ye, when did you get an extra tattoo, it’s so pretty.”

Ye Yunla pulled her collar to block her collarbone and said with a faint face, “Tattoos hurt, I suggest you don’t try them easily.”

After some time, she must try to wash it once, whether it can be washed off or not, the colour fades down a bit is fine ……

Ye Yunla watched as the car arrived at a clubhouse.

This is the biggest gold cave in Haicheng, the rich, the second generation, the second generation, the broad young young models …… The most important thing is that they are all in and out of this place on a regular basis.

Ye Yunla is beautiful, standing in the crowd is the most beautiful existence, she came here, the waiter at the door did not stop at all.