HC Chapter 475

“You’re Xiao Zuo, right?”

Xu Yuying heard the impatient tone of the other party and asked in a nice voice.

Zuo Lin Lan froze for a moment and said after a pause, “It’s me, may I ask why you have Xue’er’s phone?”

“I’m Xue’er’s mother.” Xu Yuying touched a handful of tears, “Xue’er is in a bit of trouble right now and can’t conveniently talk to you, she asked me to convey something to you, she’s pregnant now, the baby is one and a half months old, you are the baby’s real father.”


Zuo Linlan’s entire body froze.

He thought he had heard wrong and slowly asked, “You mean Xue’er is pregnant with my child?”

“Yes, she is lying in the hospital right now, the pregnancy test report has come out, the child in her belly is indeed yours, what are you going to do?”

Zuo Linlan’s mind buzzed.

He turned back and looked at his wife who was sitting in the living room.

His wife was naturally not as good-looking as Ye Xueying, otherwise he wouldn’t have cheated on her within marriage.

He had been a member of the family for four years, and his wife had never had any children. When he went to the hospital to check, the doctor said that there was nothing wrong with either of their spouses’ health …… But once he heard his mother-in-law talking to his wife, it turned out that his wife’s body was unable to conceive a child, but afraid that he would mind in his heart, so his wife hid the matter down.

He is into the family, his wife’s family conditions are thousands of times better than his family.

In the past four years of marriage, he had learned what it meant to be a man of the people, and the more glamorous he was, the more he wanted a child of his own.

But it was unlikely that his wife would give him a child, and the final outcome would be to adopt a child from an orphanage.

“Little Zuo, if you don’t want this child, then I’ll let Xue’er abort the child.”

Hearing Xu Yuying’s words, Zuo Linlan spoke without thinking: “No, I want this child, I want it!”

I want it!” It was not a bad idea to raise it secretly in Haicheng, but in any case, he must have his own child!

After hanging up the phone, Zuo Linlan walked back to the living room and said with a sigh, “Honey, I might have to go to Haicheng on business again.”

“That’s okay, you work hard, I’ll take care of the family.” The young woman smiled gently, and as she was about to continue her advice, Zuo Linlan’s mobile phone vibrated again.

This time it was still Hai Cheng’s number, he was a little nervous but his face was calm, “I’m going to take another call.”

He went to the balcony and put the phone through, and when he heard the voice on the phone, his eyes widened a little.


Ye Xueying lay in the hospital overnight.

The smell of disinfectant water in the hospital was bad, but it was much better than the guardhouse.

She lay on the soft hospital bed, her eyes full of anticipation for the future, her hand stroking her abdomen, she whispered, “Baby, you came at the right time, you are mommy’s life preserver, you must be good, you must be born safely ……”

Just then, someone suddenly came in at the door of the ward.

Two female police officers directly blocked the visitor’s path and coldly questioned, “Who are you and what is your relationship with the prisoner?”

Zuo Linlan pressed the duck-tongue cap on his head, “I am Ye Xueying’s boyfriend, the child in her belly is mine, I want to see her.”

The policewoman went into the ward and consulted Ye Xueying before letting Zuo Linlan in.

Ye Xueying’s face was full of disbelief.

She had only asked her parents to pa*s on the news to Zuo Linlan last night, but she had never expected this man to rush over today.

She had always thought that they were dewy-eyed, but Zuo Linlan had just told the policewoman at the door that he was her boyfriend ……

It seems that Zuo Linlan cares a lot about the baby in her belly, so there is hope for her to get out of the guardhouse ……