HC Chapter 472

Ye Xueying was slapped on the ground by this slap, she covered her face and continued, “I haven’t finished yet, why are you so angry? And Fu Ziyan, do you see if he is like a little adult, that is also forced by me ah …… The child wants to be loved by his mother, but I don’t love him, I let him ……”

Ye Yunla simply could not listen to this, she went forward, picked up Ye Xueying’s collar and tried to slap her again when she was stopped by two female police officers who arrived in a hurry.

Ye Xueying hid behind the policewomen and cried and cried, “This is my sister, I came here with good intentions to confess my mistake, but she tried to beat me to death …… You understand why I kidnapped my sister’s son before, right? Because my sister is a psycho and she has been trying to beat me to death …… I kidnapped her son just to protect myself …… What’s wrong with me defending myself, do I have to go to jail for defending myself ……”

Ye Yunla laughed coldly.

So this was Ye Xueying’s deliberate stunt, just so she could have a better advantage in court.

But, so what?

She didn’t regret slapping Ye Xueying this time, she only regretted that the hit was too light!

A female police officer stood up and coldly said, “Beating up a prisoner in front of the police, this is a defiance of the law, you ……”

Fu Beijue handed over a business card, “This is my lawyer’s number, if you have anything, contact my lawyer.”

After he finished, he gave Ye Xueying a slashing cold stare and walked outside with his arm around Ye Yunla’s waist.

When she reached the outside of the hospital, the cold wind blew in her face, and only gradually did Ye Yunla’s emotions calm down.

She turned around and looked at the man in front of her, “What Ye Xueying said, is it all true?”

“I’m sorry about Yara ……”

Fu Beijiu hated to slap himself hard.

When Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling first came to the Fu family, he simply could not accept that he suddenly had two more children.

He had the children sent to Australia, and then for various reasons, he brought them back, and although he slowly accepted the two sons and fell in love with Fu Ziling and Fu Ziyan as time grew, it was undeniable that he really didn’t give enough to the two children.

He always felt that no matter how vicious and vain the children’s mother was, she could never lay a hand on them.

But just now, Ye Xueying’s words were like needles piercing fiercely into the depths of his heart.

If he had shown a little more care and love for his children, how could he have allowed Ye Xueying to torture his two sons for four years?

“What’s the use of saying sorry to me?” Ye Yunla’s emotions flared up again, “You should say sorry to little Yan Yan and little Ling Ling, you are their real father, you live under the same roof as them, yet, you can’t protect them! That person Ye Xueying is vicious, selfish, vain and full of calculating plots, you’ve been with her for four years and you’ve never doubted her?”

She had always been angry.

But all this time, she had hidden her anger well.

But as soon as she met Ye Xueying, all that anger was hooked out of her.

Ye Xueying was certainly bad, but was Fu Beijue innocent?

How could this man be so gullible as to believe that Ye Xueying was the mother of the children?

How could this man have trusted Ye Xueying with the children for so many years?

This man, did he really never suspect Ye Xueying’s sinister intentions ……