HC Chapter 467

There were two bodyguards waiting downstairs in the building.

Fu Beijiu threw the doctor over and said coldly, “Find him a lab and lock him up for a month.”

The two bodyguards covered the doctor’s mouth and dragged him away as soon as he opened his mouth to beg for mercy.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and spoke, “He’s one of Fu Chuan’s men, you said Fu Chuan is a very dangerous man, if you move him, will Fu Chuan come after you?”

“I’m just afraid he won’t come, as long as he comes, I have plenty of ways to deal with him.”

Fu Beiji’s eyes were full of gloom.

His father’s death was a hurdle that he could not get over for so many years.

Yet Fu Nanchuan still wanted to lay hands on the woman he loved the most and carve a mark on his woman, something he absolutely could not tolerate.

As long as Fu Nanchuan dared to enter Hai Cheng again, he would let him know what it meant to beat a dog in the water.

Ye Yunla looked towards the gloomy brow and said softly, “Mr. Fu, thank you for today.”

If he hadn’t come to her, perhaps, she would have suffered something even more terrible ……

Hearing her voice, the gloom on Fu Beijue’s face was like ice and snow melting away, and his entire person finally pulled out of that emotion.

He pursed his lips and said, “Go, I’ll take you to the hospital for a checkup first.”

Ye Yunla glanced at her watch and spoke in a light voice, “It’s getting late, I have to pick up the kids from the kindergarten, I’ll go over and pick them up first.”

“Get in my car.”

Fu Beijue pulled open the car door.

Ye Yunla rubbed her hair and said, “I drove my car over, just drive your own car ……”

“Get in.” Fu Beijue’s tone was domineering and unquestionable, “You just inhaled an unknown drug and have been unconscious for so long, I don’t think you can drive.”

Ye Yunla looked at him for a few seconds, then compromised and sat in the passenger seat.

Thinking that her own personality was also rather strong, so she actually didn’t really like such domineering people ……

But for some reason, when Fu Beijue just ordered her to get into the car in a domineering manner, her heartbeat actually sped up slightly.

Was this the feeling of a heartbeat?

Ye Yunla sat in the car, but the car suddenly stopped at the side of the road, Fu Beijue unbuckled his seat belt and said in a low voice, “Wait for me for three minutes.”

He pushed open the car door and went down, quickly entering a shopping mall.

Ye Yunla’s head was indeed a little groggy, perhaps it was the subsequent effects of the drugs ……

She was just about to close her eyes to recuperate when Fu Beijue came back, holding a light pink silk scarf in his hand.

“Here, let me tie it on for you.”

Ye Yunla froze for a moment.

She instantly understood the reason he was doing this.

The tattoo on her collarbone hadn’t gone down yet, and Jing’er and Yinyin would definitely ask why when they saw it.

Jing’er was so smart, she would be torn apart as soon as she lied, so she might as well use the silk scarf to keep this tattoo out of the way ……

Ye Yunla was full of complications: “Mr. Fu, thank you.”

Fu Beijue looked at her seriously, “I think that the relationship between us is not so rusty that you can only call me Mr. Fu, don’t you think so, Lara?”

Under his gaze, Ye Yunla only felt her heart beating wildly and uncontrollably again.

The sound of that voice, LaLa, was like an electric charge that sent a tingling sensation through her internal organs ……

She hurriedly looked away and said dryly, “Last time we agreed to call you Beijue in the future, but I’m still not quite used to it, so sometimes I call it wrong, remember to remind me if I call it wrong again in the future.”

Fu Beijue was finally satisfied.

He started the engine and the car slowly drove towards the kindergarten.

The two of them had just arrived when the kindergarten bell rang, and the laughter of the children was like the most innocent note in the world.