HC Chapter 466

“Really, really didn’t do anything to her …… She just got anesthesia, she’ll wake up later ……”

As soon as the doctor’s words fell, Ye Yunla, who was lying on the bed, opened her eyes quietly.

She looked blankly at the two people around her, “What’s this for?”

As soon as Fu Beijue waved the doctor away, he nervously walked to the bedside, “How are you, are you uncomfortable anywhere, anything that is uncomfortable must be said.”

Ye Yunla’s mind was a little heavy, she only felt some tingling on her collarbone and was about to use her hand to feel one.

The doctor on the side hurriedly stopped, “Don’t touch it with your hand or water, otherwise it will ruin the beauty of this tattoo ……”

Ye Yunla jerked her head down but couldn’t see her collarbone at all, but that tingling sensation was getting more and more real.

“Mr. Fu, can you fetch me a mirror?”

Fu Beijue’s face was gloomy to the core.

He brought over the mirror not far away and handed it to Ye Yunla.

Her collarbone was a beautiful sort of shape, but now, on the left one, there was a flower-shaped letter, N, carved into it.

The scene from before the coma came rushing back with a vengeance.

Ye Yunla’s scarlet lips were permeated with coldness: “It’s Fu Chuan.”

That man had tricked her into coming over with a work matter, used some means to stun her, and then tattooed a letter like this on her collarbone.


The name Fu Chuan didn’t have that letter at all.

So, the N would be one of the characters in Fu Chuan’s original name.

Why would Fu Chuan tattoo this letter on her body?

Just because she refused to work with him?

Ye Yunla looked coldly at the tattoo doctor, “I’ll pay double the money and wash this tattoo off me immediately.”

The doctor’s eyes held a hint of complacency: “The material used for this tattoo is a new product I just developed, no matter what chemical cleaning agent is used it will not wash off, it will take at least three years before this colour fades a bit …… The shape of this letter, also designed by Mr. Fu himself, will definitely make your collarbone more sexy and charming when the swelling goes down ……”


Fu Beijiu lifted his leg and kicked it over.

He stomped on the doctor’s wrist: “You think, you can get away with it all?”

The doctor glared in shock and anger, “I’m one of Mr. Fu’s people, if you move me, Mr. Fu won’t let you off!”


Fu Beijue’s eyes were tinged with contempt.

Wasn’t Fu Chuan tattooing an N on Ye Yunla’s collarbone just to give him a downward spiral?

Did he really think he would put such a childish demonstration at the bottom of his eyes?

He merely, did not want Ye Yunla to get involved in their brotherly dispute ……

The first thing he did was to dial out a phone number coldly.

He turned his head to look at Ye Yunla: “Can you go by yourself?”

Ye Yunla nodded, “Yes.”

She only had severe pain in her collarbone, walking was still not a problem.

Fu Beijue carried the doctor with one hand and walked outside the meeting room, picking up Ye Yunla’s handbag and handing it to her.

When the three of them came out of the parlour, the secretaries standing at the door took a step back.

Fu Beijiu swept those secretaries away with a cold smile and stepped into the lift.

That doctor was scared out of his wits: “This is a society under the rule of law, what do you want, I’m telling you, better let me go or Mr. Fu won’t be finished with you ……”