HC Chapter 464

Now he couldn’t even find a reason to go to Lara Star Technology, could he?

He said coldly, “Print out a copy of the progress of the project and give me a copy, as well as some anticipated problems, and list them out as well.”

Zheng’s a*sistant didn’t know what he was up to, so he honestly prepared the documents and sent them over.

He was worried that the documents weren’t prepared well enough, but he saw that CEO Fu didn’t even look at them and took the documents and left the office.

a*sistant Zheng hurriedly chased after him, “Mr. Fu, there is a very important meeting coming up ……”

“Pushed it off.”

Fu Beijiu walked into the lift with a cold face.

He didn’t know why he was so anxious to see Ye Yunla at this moment.

It was as if he couldn’t feel at ease until he saw her ……

He drove his car and arrived at the downstairs of Laxing Technology Company as fast as he could. He gave himself some psychological construction before he took the dispensable documents and walked upstairs.

“Mr. Fu, what brings you here?”

Tan Jing was startled and hurriedly welcomed the man inside, and hurriedly brought over another cup of coffee.

She always felt shivering when facing Fu Beijiu, the aura on this Mr. Fu was too powerful, not something she could handle as a small a*sistant.

She said with trepidation, “Mr. Fu, Mr. Ye may not be able to return to the office until later today, do you think you should come back another day or call Mr. Ye first to ask?”

Fu Beijiu wrinkled his brows: “Where did she go?”

“There’s a call from the Ye Litos Group, asking Mr Ye to go over and discuss the details of the project in person.”

Duke Fu’s eyes sank sharply.

He took out his phone and dialed Ye Yunla’s number.

The phone kept occupying the line, it was not working at all.

He got up and headed out.

He pulled open the car door and got in, started the engine, and the car drove quickly towards the Yelitos Group.

Just as he reached the entrance to the building, before he could get out of the car, he saw a familiar figure walking out of the lobby door.

He pushed the door and got out of the car, and at the entrance of the spacious building, two upright figures met in a narrow way.

“Fu Beijue, you’re really something.”

Fu Chuan walked over step by step, those eyes permeated with grimness.

The corners of his mouth curled into a creepy smile as he said, word for word, “Do you really think that after transferring me back to the headquarters, you’ll be able to rest easy?”

After receiving the call from headquarters last night, he had a plan for today.

It was fine to force him to take a step back, but he also wanted to show Fu Beijue what price he should pay for forcing him to take a step back.

“Your woman, she’s in this building, hurry up and go inside to find her, if you go late, I can’t guarantee anything will happen.”

With a fierce smile, Fu Chuan strode away and got into a black car.

The car left in the dust.

Fu Beijiu didn’t care much and walked towards the building, but was stopped by the receptionist: “This gentleman, who are you looking for, do you have an appointment?”

Fu Beiji raised his hand and pushed the person away, his gaze ruthless: “Go away!”

His eyes were so sharp that the receptionist couldn’t stand up to him and took a step back in fear.

After taking two steps in, Fu Beijiu turned back and said coldly, “Take me up to the president’s office!”

Under the pressure of his powerful aura, the receptionist didn’t dare to say a word, she took a lift card and handed it over with trepidation: “Swipe the card to go up to the top floor ……”