HC Chapter 462

He hoped that Mummy would never see the other side of him.

He spoke after a moment, “Mommy, do you like Uncle Fu?”

Ye Yunla looked at him, “Why are you still calling Uncle Fu, he’s your daddy, your real daddy.”

“I’m sorry mummy, I’m not used to the name daddy.” Ye Jingzhan said seriously, “Mummy, if you like Uncle Fu, I will support you in all your decisions.”

Ye Yunla said with a straight face, “What about you Jing’er, do you like him?”

Ye Jingzhan blinked, “Mummy, I asked first, you answer me first and I’ll tell you.”

“I guess, a bit like it ……”

Ye Yunla looked out the darkened window and whispered.

That man was good enough, better than all the men she had ever met, and someone so good and so nice to her, she had no resistance to him at all.

Moreover, this man was the father of her four children.

By letting herself fall for him, she was actually doing her, and several of her children, all told, only good and no harm.

No matter from which perspective, after she likes Fu Beijiu, then, many things have an optimal solution ……

“Then I like him too.” Ye Jingzhan revealed a smile, “As long as it’s someone mommy likes, I like them all.”

Ye Yunla touched his face, “Jing’er, like this kind of thing, you have to ask yourself, are you really able to accept Fu Beijue as your daddy?”

“Of course!” Ye Jingzhan nodded without hesitation, “He likes Little Yinyin, he likes Mummy, he likes me too, why wouldn’t I like him?”

Ye Yunla’s brows knitted slightly.

Why did she feel that Jing’er didn’t really mean what she said?

But no matter what, she could see that Jing’er did not reject Fu Beijue.

This, in fact, was enough.

Ye Jingzhan pursed her lips and continued cleaning.

Fu Beijue was indeed a good man, and he did not object to Mummy marrying Fu Beijue.

But as long as one is human, there is uncertainty.

Fu Beijue loved Mummy now, could he guarantee that he would only have one woman for the rest of his life?

Because there was no guarantee, he had to find a way back for himself and for Mummy.

He must be strong enough, he must be stronger than Fu Beijue, so that Fu Beijue can’t possibly hurt Mommy ……

Early this morning, after sending the two children to kindergarten, Ye Yunla drove to the office.

When she arrived at the entrance of the company, she bumped into Guo, the president of the company next door.

The secretary of the company who often gave her looks was respectfully standing at the lift entrance, and when she saw her coming out, she said with a smile, “Hello, Mr. Ye, it’s like this, our two companies have been neighbours for so long, but we’ve never had a good meal, our Mr. Guo wants to invite Mr. Ye for a meal, I wonder if Mr. Ye can be gracious?”

Tan Jing walked over and said indifferently, “Sorry, our President Ye has an appointment at noon today.”

This Mr. Guo didn’t know where he had found the best secretary, but he had often looked at Mr. Ye with contempt and disdain, as if he thought he had gotten to where he was by virtue of his beauty. ……

After yesterday’s banquet, these people should understand that what they have is strength, a strength that is even stronger than the Zhuang’s group’s Zhuang!