HC Chapter 460

She walked over and took a deep breath and said, “Madam, you look like this ……”

Mrs. Fu raised her head, “Call auntie.”

“Auntie mother.” Ye Yunla immediately changed her tone, “You will spoil little Yinyin like this, all these things are too expensive ……”

“How would a child know that these things are valuable, to them, they are just toys.” Mrs. Fu stroked Little Yinyin’s hair, “Little girls just love these shiny jewels, some day I’ll take Little Yinyin to a jewellery mall and buy her more jewellery to bring back for fun.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

This kind of rich people’s world, she really doesn’t understand ……

Fu Ziling walked over and casually picked up an emerald earring, just as he picked it up, it was snatched away by Mrs. Fu with a split hand, “Don’t touch it and break it, this pair is six million.”

Fu Ziling: “……”

Why should his sister be able to throw them on the ground and he can’t even touch them?

With a sister, even if daddy doesn’t love him, how come grandma doesn’t love him either ……


Little Yinyin took the emerald earrings from Madam Fu’s hand and compared them to Ye Yunla’s ears, saying in a thin voice, “They look good on Mommy.”

“Good, then give it to your mummy to wear.” Mrs. Fu waved her hand atmospherically and shoved the brocade box containing the emerald earrings into Ye Yunla’s hands as well.

“No, I can’t have it ……” Ye Yunla only felt the object in her hand burning and hurriedly put it back on the ground, “It’s better to keep it for little Yinyin as a toy.”

Little Yinyin was the Fu family’s granddaughter, it was fine to play with these valuable items.

She is an outsider, how can she accept earrings worth six million ……

If word of this got out, maybe others would think she was using her daughter to raid the Fu family’s property.

The man standing not far away, Fu Beijiu, could not help but laugh.

She avoided the emerald earrings his mother gave her, but what if he had given them to her?

I have to say, Little Yinyin did have a good eye, this woman was really beautiful in her emerald earrings, the kind of beauty that was breathtaking.

Looks like he’ll have to make time to check out these jewellery pieces ……

Fu Beijue’s gaze swept slightly and suddenly landed on top of a gift box on the living room coffee table.

He stepped over and said indifferently, “Housekeeper Qiao, who has come by today?”

Butler Qiao shook his head, “There are no guests in the Fu family today, this gift box was brought back by Madam from outside.”

Duke Fu’s eyes snapped to a deeper tone.

He spoke in a slow voice, “It’s getting late, LaLa you should hurry and take the children back to rest.”

“No, tonight Little Yinyin is going to sleep with Grandma.” Mrs. Fu said somewhat unreasonably, “Little Yinyin has just promised me too.”

Ye Yunla had a bit of a headache.

If it was Fu Beijiu, she could still dislike her words, but the other party was Mrs. Fu, an elder and one who really loved Little Yinyin, and for a moment she didn’t even know how to take the words ……

“Little Yinyin is afraid of being born, and for the time being it is not quite suitable to stay with mommy separately in the Fu family.” Fu Beijiu twiddled his fingers and said faintly.

Mrs. Fu was about to say that she would let Ye Yunla stay for the night as well, since she had slept at the Fu house last night anyway, but as soon as she looked up, she noticed that the look in Fu Beijue’s eyes was very wrong.

This was her own son, and although they had been separated for several years, she still knew her son very well.

Such a look in Beijue’s eyes could only mean that something big had happened.

Mrs. Fu lowered her head and said dotingly, “Little Yinyin, grandma will pick you up tomorrow, tonight you go back to bed with mummy, sleep well at night and don’t kick the blanket.”

Little Yinyin nodded her head like a garlic, but when she left, she took a look at the pearls and jewellery all over the floor with great reluctance.

Mrs. Fu ordered housekeeper Qiao to pack up all the things and stuff them into the trunk of Ye Yunla’s car ……

Ye Yunla was simply powerless to refuse, so she had to take the two children and leave the Fu family.

As soon as they left, Fu Beijiu said in a cold voice: “Fu Ziyan, Fu Ziling, go upstairs, I have something to say to your grandmother.”