HC Chapter 458

Ye Yunla returned to the banquet hall and continued to exchange pleasantries with the crowd.

She was beautiful and powerful, and for a moment, countless people handed her their business cards.

At nine o’clock in the evening, the banqueters slowly dispersed.

“LaLa, let me take you back.” Xie Zhirui followed him up and said in a gentlemanly manner.

Before Ye Yunla could say anything, a long figure came striding through the entrance of the banquet hall.

She turned her head to see that it was Fu Beijue.

Was this man here long ago?

If she had known, she should have come out earlier.

“Cousin, someone is here to pick me up, so there’s no need to bother you.” Ye Yunla said with a smile.

Xie Zhirui frowned at Fu Beijue, his eyebrows furrowed in a dead frown, “Yara, you and Mr. Fu this is ……”

“Ahem!” Ye Yunla touched her nose somewhat uncomfortably, “Jing’er and Little Yinyin are both at Fu’s house, I’m following Mr. Fu over to pick up the kids.”

Xie Zhirui pursed his lips and didn’t say anything else.

Jing’er and Little Yinyin’s father was Fu Beijue, and the children were living in their real father’s house, so it was not good for him, an outsider, to interfere in such matters.

It was just that Fu Beijue was a person he couldn’t see through, and he didn’t know if it was good or bad for LaLa to be with him ……

“Young Xie.”

Fu Beijiu spoke in a light voice and extended his hand.

Xie Zhirui reached out and shook his hand shallowly, “Mr. Fu, please be sure to take good care of LaLa, for so many years, it’s really not easy for her.”

The corner of Ye Yunla’s mouth tugged.

First cousin had misunderstood, he must have misunderstood her and Fu Beijue together!

She thought that Fu Beijiu would explain a few things.

Instead, the man said in a low voice, “I will, I will take care of her, please don’t worry.”

Perhaps it was because his voice was calm and strong, or perhaps it was because people from the Fu family were already trustworthy, Xie Zhirui’s tense heart strings were suddenly loosened.

He stood at the entrance of the banquet hall and watched Ye Yunla get into Fu Beijue’s car.

As soon as she got into the car, Ye Yunla was a lot more relaxed.

This night of going back and forth with all sorts of old man elites at the mall was really draining on her mind.

“Tired, are you?” Fu Beijue asked softly as he held the steering wheel.

Ye Yunla leaned back in the back seat, closed her eyes and said, “Fine.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “Mr. Fu, do you know the president of Yelitos in Haicheng, Fu Chuan?”

When she thought about it, she always felt that Fu Chuan’s figure was at least nine points similar to Fu Beijiu’s. One person’s surname was Fu and the other was Fu, and a woman’s sixth sense told her that there seemed to be some connection between these two people.

Fu Beijiu’s hand on the steering wheel tightened.

His pair of eyes were instantly tinted with ink: “He was also present at the celebration party tonight?”

Ye Yunla nodded: “This is the third time I’ve seen him, every time he wears a mask, the people in the banquet hall are talking about whether his face is ruined, otherwise it’s really hard to figure out why a good person often shows himself in a mask ……”