HC Chapter 455

Zhuang Yuan’s ears suddenly buzzed.

She looked at Ye Yunla’s proposal design book and her mind went blank.

She had been in this business for twenty years, and the more she looked at Ye Yunla’s proposal book, the more astonished she felt.

At this moment, she realised why Fu Chuan would rather risk offending their Zhuang Group by choosing a small and shabby new company.

Ye Yunla lightly raised her bright face, “Ms. Zhuang, please tell me, where exactly did I plagiarise?”

Zhuang Yuan’s face was dark and sunken to the core.

Those who had just spoken up for her and condemned Ye Yunla also lost their tongues instantly.

She squeezed her fingers tightly and took a deep breath, “This matter today, is a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” Sun Yan sneered, “Ms. Zhuang, even if it is a misunderstanding, shouldn’t you also apologize to Miss Ye?”

Zhuang Yuan’s face was covered in a cloud of gloom.

She had never apologised to anyone in her life, and to ask her to apologise to a young girl in her early twenties was something she couldn’t bear to do.

At this moment, the secretary standing behind her stepped forward and said respectfully, “This matter is an oversight on the part of our Zhuang Group, we made unfounded accusations against Miss Ye without checking out what happened, this is our fault. On behalf of the Zhuang Group and on behalf of Mr. Zhuang, I would like to apologize to Miss Ye.”

Ye Yunla played with her tall gla*s, “Isn’t Mr. Zhuang here, why do you have to apologise instead?”

As soon as she said this, everyone present drew in a breath of cold air.

Zhuang Yuan was admitted to Harvard University at the age of sixteen, graduated from Harvard with a PhD at the age of twenty-two, and then taught at Harvard for five or six years before returning to China to work at the top of Zhuang’s group.

In just three or four years, she beat the original heir to the Zhuang family and became the current generation of the Zhuang Group’s helm.

A woman who, at the age of thirty, became the head of the family, she had the irony and tact of a man, but because of her pretty face, it was often forgotten that her tactics were not inferior to those of a man.

The largest conglomerate in Haicheng is the Fu Group, and Fu Beijue is the most admired man.

Then, the most admired woman in Haicheng is Zhuang Yuan.

But now, Ye Yunla actually forced Zhuang Yuan to apologize to her ……

The people present did not know where Ye Yunla got the courage to confront Zhuang Yuan, and at the same time were curious as to what choice Zhuang Yuan would actually make ……

The gaze behind a silver mask turned slightly and landed on Ye Yunla’s face.

Those grim eyes had a few more probing moments in them, while an amused smile floated on the edge of her mouth.

“Miss Ye.” Zhuang Yuan spoke coldly, “Before the matter is investigated clearly, you still have huge suspicions.”

Ye Yunla was about to be exasperated, “So even if Ms Zhuang can’t find any similarities, she still a*sumes that I stole your design?”

“What else?” Zhuang Yuan asked rhetorically, “When my designs disappeared, you were able to reap the benefits, and I have every reason to suspect that you had something to do with it.”

Ye Yunla laughed softly.

She took another step forward, her gaze slightly fixed, “Ms Zhuang has a long-standing reputation in the industry, and as a junior, I did not want to make things too ugly, but if Ms Zhuang has to throw dirty water on me, then I will have to return the favour.”