HC Chapter 453

Everyone’s eyes fell on Ye Yunla.

She was already extremely beautiful, and her pink dress made her look even more eye-catching and shining among the crowd.

With champagne in her hand, she faintly raised her eyebrows, “Ms. Zhuang’s proposal book is missing, how is it related to me?”

“Is this Miss Ye’s way of trying to shift the blame?” The corner of Zhuang Yuan’s mouth hooked into a sneer, “Then how about asking Ms. Ye to share how exactly she completed such a difficult chip scheme design within a day?”

“Highly difficult?” Ye Yunla frowned, “What, in Ms. Zhuang’s eyes, is a chip solution design book very difficult?”

Zhuang Yuan’s face instantly turned iron blue.

In her forty years of living, she had never had anyone who dared to speak to her in such a tone.

This girl, not only had she stolen her design book, but she also dared to argue in public, did she really think that she, Zhuang Yuan, was a vegetarian?

She sneered, “It is naturally not difficult for Miss Ye to copy it as she did.”

With one sentence, the verdict was sealed.

Ye Yunla laughed lightly, “Ms. Zhuang is accusing me of plagiarism for nothing without any evidence, I can sue you for defamation.”

Zhuang Yuan’s face was cold: “Anyone with a discerning eye can see what this matter is about today, what, Miss Ye still wants to take it to court?”

Everyone in the banquet hall cast accusing glances at Ye Yunla.

“Miss Ye, you’re the one who’s in the wrong, do you think you’ll get anything out of this if it goes to court?”

“Do you really think that what you stole will last? Better hurry up and apologise to Ms Zhuang, as long as the apology is sincere enough and big, Ms Zhuang will definitely not bother with you.”

“How can you not take it personally, this kind of person is a cancer in the industry and should be given a good education by the police!”


In the crowd, Xie Heng and Xie Zhirui both came over and directly blocked Ye Yunla’s body.

Xie Heng said indifferently, “Ms. Zhuang, you came over with such fanfare just to convict my niece?”

“One there is no human evidence, two there is no physical evidence, this is too hasty of a statement from Ms. Zhuang, isn’t it?” Xie Zhirui spoke in a cold voice, “My cousin is a Heavenly Material chip designer, it is simply impossible and disdainful to plagiarise anyone’s stuff.”

Sun Yan also laughed lightly, “Ms. Zhuang is not trying to pull one over because she missed the opportunity to work with the Yelitos Group, is she?”

Zhuang Yuan’s eyes were cold and angry: “It’s not easy to ask for evidence, Mr. Fu, as long as you release the two proposal design books, everyone will know at a glance.”

Fu Chuan swept a faint glance at Ye Yunla and pursed his lips: “The design book is the designer’s intellectual property, so it is not appropriate to disclose it before obtaining the designer’s consent.”

Zhuang Yuan became even angrier: “So, is Mr. Fu going to defend someone who plagiarised?”

Ye Yunla raised her eyes to look at the few people blocking her way, and some warmth floated to her heart.

She had been used to being alone for so many years, used to solving everything alone, but today, there were so many people standing up for her.

She gave her great uncle and first cousin a smile, then pushed Sun Yan out of the way as well and walked over, saying indifferently, “Mr. Fu, I agree to disclose the proposal design.”

Fu Chuan gave her a look.

Ye Yunla met his eyes, which were a pair of eyes that were cold to the core, like they had been asleep in the dark for years.

As soon as she met such eyes, she felt many dark images floating before her eyes, and her soul seemed to be dragged into the abyss ……

She jerked her eyes back and lowered her head to take a sip of wine.

Fu Chuan beckoned, the a*sistant behind him immediately came over, he explained two words, the a*sistant turned around and went to prepare.

The people in the banquet hall had lost their interest in attending the banquet, everyone was waiting for the two proposal books to be made public, when they would be able to publicly execute the number one beauty of Haicheng, it was exciting to think about it.