HC Chapter 441

Fu Ziling counted the advantages of his daddy on his fingers.

Fu Beijiu coughed against his lips, “That’s enough, you can shut up, some things don’t need to be said so clearly.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

What, this man thinks that everything Fu Ziling said is right?

How come she didn’t get the feeling that this man liked her?

Maybe a little bit, but it should be that way, after all, he never hid his interest in her body ……

Ye Yunla cleared her throat and spoke, “Little Ling Ling, the tire of my car was punctured, does this matter have anything to do with you?”

Fu Ziling’s little head shook like a rattle: “Not me! It has nothing to do with me!”

Fu Beijiu’s breath was suddenly cold.

When Ye Yunla swept a sideways glance over, Fu Beijiu withdrew his cold aura and even took a few steps to the side.

“Little Ling Ling, mommy wants to hear the truth.” Ye Yunla spoke seriously, “Even if you did it, Mommy won’t blame you, but Mommy wants to hear the truth.”

Fu Ziling blinked, “If I lie, does Mummy not like me anymore?”

“Mummy likes you no matter what you are like, but -” she looked serious and earnest, “Mummy will be disappointed if you have a habit of lying, and Mummy doesn’t want you to be that kind of child. ”

Fu Ziling dropped his head, “I’m sorry mummy, I was wrong ……”

His voice became a little choked, “I didn’t want Mummy to go back, I didn’t want to be separated from Mummy, so I secretly punctured the tyre, I was wrong, I was really wrong ……”

“It’s okay, a good boy is a good boy if he knows his mistakes and can change.” Ye Yunla stroked his hair, “But you can’t do this kind of thing again in the future, okay?”

Fu Ziling nodded his head vigorously.

Ye Yunla tenderly took him into her arms.

Watching this scene, Fu Beijue’s mind was extremely complicated.

In the past, when Fu Ziling made mistakes, no matter how much he interrogated him, the boy would never admit his mistakes, and in the end, it often ended with him punishing Fu Ziling for standing in military posture.

This was the first time he had seen this brat meekly admit his mistakes.

“Mummy, I, I did one more thing wrong ……” Fu Ziling blinked his eyes sheepishly, “If I confess of my own accord, will Mommy forgive me?”

Ye Yunla’s face was still a gentle smile, “Of course.”

“I, I just went to Daddy’s room ……” His left foot kept rubbing back and forth on the floor as he popped out one word at a time, “I was in Daddy’s bed, and in the cupboard ……”

The last few words, Ye Yunla didn’t hear, “What did you say, what did you do in your daddy’s bed and wardrobe?”

Housekeeper Qiao had sensed that something was terribly wrong and took a step back, ready to flee the scene.

“I peed on Daddy’s bed.”

Fu Ziling said in desperation, eyes closed.

Ye Yunla was stunned, “Isn’t there a toilet, why did you pee on your daddy’s bed?”

“I, I ……” Fu Zi Ling felt the thick murderous aura and was on the verge of tears, “Grandpa Qiao just made some dust on daddy’s bed, I didn’t think it was much use and I happened to have to pee, so I ……”

Fu Beijiu’s face was no longer enough to describe it as black as the bottom of a pot.

He had a deep cleanliness fetish, the bed was peed on, and he didn’t even want that room anymore.

The corners of Ye Yunla’s mouth twitched as she raised her eyes to look at housekeeper Qiao: “Why did you get dust on the bed ……”

Butler Qiao had never felt so embarra*sed before.

He was an old man doing this kind of thing, what on earth was he doing it for?!