HC Chapter 438

Fu Ziling’s eyes rolled, “Sister, you follow big brother to his room, I have some business to take care of.”

He sneered twice with a bad smile, turned around and went to the villa courtyard.


Under the guidance of the chef, Fu Beijiu finally cooked the sobering soup.

He carried a bowl of the sobering soup and knocked on the door of the guest room, knocking several times, but there was no movement in the room.

He turned the handle and pushed the door open.


Breath stalled violently.

Ye Yunla was lying on the bed with her jacket off, she was wearing a chiffon shirt, the sleeves sliding up a notch to reveal her jade-like arms.

She had been drinking and the smell of alcohol was slowly dispersing, her cheeks were tinged with flushed red, like a glorious sunset.

The red spread from her cheeks to her neck, and her collarbone glowed pink.

The quilt was right over her chest, rising and falling with her breathing.

A dry heat curled up in the small of Fu Beijiu’s back.

That urge, it was coming again!

He hurriedly averted his eyes to keep himself away from that tantalizing scene ……

He coughed with his hand against his lips, but he still couldn’t wake up the person lying on the bed –

“Lara, wake up.”

Fu Beijue took two steps closer and shouted softly twice.

Ye Yunla’s eyes were still closed, her breathing was shallow and she was sleeping deeply.

Her skin was very white, with an attractive sheen under the dim night light, and her lips were full and glistening, with the smell of wine diffusing out between her breaths.

Fu Beijiu leaned down like a thief and reached out his hand in a ghostly manner.

His thumb was a fraction of a centimetre short of touching the woman’s lips, then he moved away with difficulty and lifted his hand to help Ye Yunla brush away the broken hair on her forehead.

Perhaps because he moved too much, the woman’s long feathered eyelashes twitched, then slowly opened.

Upon seeing a face magnified in front of her, Ye Yunla jerked awake: “I, you …… Why are you in my room?”

She had just finished asking and immediately remembered that she seemed to still be at Fu’s house, “Sorry, I’ve had too much to drink and my mind is a little unclear.”

Fu Beijue took a step back and brought over the sobering soup on the bedside table, “You should feel better after you drink it.”

Ye Yunla nodded her head.

After a bowl of the sobering soup, she was indeed quite sober.

“Thank you.”

She thanked in a hoarse voice.

“What time is it?” She asked again.

Fu Beijue glanced at the time: “Half past eight.”

It turned out that she had only slept for less than an hour. Ye Yunla lifted the blanket and sat up, “I’ve sobered up, I can go back.”

Fu Beijiu only felt a heart full of loss.

But he didn’t have any reason to keep her down.

He followed her outside: “Then I’ll take you back.”

But suddenly –

Qiao Butler’s shriek came from the courtyard.