HC Chapter 426

The corners of Ye Jingzhan’s mouth twitched as he looked at himself in the mirror, with a C*cked head and a torn collar.

The corners of Fu Ziyan’s mouth also twitched, his face had a red mark and he didn’t know who had scratched it, the collar of his shirt had turned black and he looked woefully ……

Only Fu Zi Ling was immersed in excitement, “Ye Jingzhan, you lost today, hahaha, hurry up and behave and call second brother!”

Ye Jingzhan gave him a blank look, “Look at little Yinyin before you speak.”

Little Yinyin stood pitifully in front of the mirror, her two eyes looking helplessly at herself in the mirror, tears streaming out of her eyes.

The little girl’s hair was very long and by now it was in a mess like a bird’s nest, her sarong was ripped out with several holes, and there were several dirty footprints on top of her pink dress ……

“That, sister, I’m sorry ……” Fu Ziling was so weak-hearted, “I won’t do it again next time ……”

Ye Jingzhan walked over and helped his sister fix her hair and clothes before holding her hand and walking out.

The six of them sat down at the tiny dining table.

Having just made too much fuss, the four little ones were quiet during dinner.

Only after Ye Yunla had eaten seven minutes full did she speak tentatively, “Mr. Fu, it’s getting late today, or else let little Yan Yan and little Ling Ling stay with me.”

Fu Beijue put down his chopsticks, “Yesterday, I seem to have said the same thing to you.”

Ye Yunla was instantly dumbfounded.

Yesterday the Fu family asked her to stay overnight at the Fu house and she refused.

Today she had asked Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling to stay overnight at her place, and it made sense that Fu Beijiu would refuse.

However, she really did not want to lose this opportunity to spend time with the children.

She pursed her lips and said, “Then what exactly do you have to do before you can let Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling stay with me for the night?”

“You are the biological mother of the two of them, it is only right for them to stay at your place, I have no problem with that.” Fu Beijue said indifferently.

Ye Yunla was stunned.

This man was agreeing?

“But-” Fu Beijiu mused, “I’m the children’s real father, so it’s not too much to ask for me to let the children stay at Fu’s house for a few days once in a while.”

Ye Yunla: “……”

So it was waiting for her here.

She knew this man wasn’t so nice.

If she refused, then it was definitely impossible for Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling to stay overnight here today.

If she agreed, that would mean that sometime in the future, she would have to send Jing’er and Little Yinyin to Fu’s house ……

The atmosphere suddenly froze.

Fu Beijue looked at her for a few seconds and said in a light voice, “It’s alright, I’m just mentioning it, not that the few children have to go and stay at the Fu family, if the children don’t want to, I won’t force them.”

He turned his eyes to Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling, “You are already grown up and have the right to decide where you will sleep tonight, I won’t interfere too much.”

“Wow! Really daddy!” Fu Zi Ling thought this was a done deal, suddenly a reversal, happy almost couldn’t find his way, “Daddy, you’re really too good, you’re the best daddy in the world, I love you the most!”

The corners of Fu Beijiu’s mouth twitched.

Don’t think he didn’t know that this guy Fu Ziling had a nickname for him behind his back, always secretly calling him the Great Demon King.

This time he would promise to let this guy not go home and he would become the best daddy in the world?

He didn’t even know whether he should be happy or angry.