HC Chapter 421

“Mummy is just so happy, come in, you guys!”

Ye Yunla helped the two little ones carry their suitcases into the house, her eyebrows filled with smiles.

Whether Fu Beijue knew it or not, these two little ones were not going to leave today, she would finally have the chance to be alone with her four children.

Fu Ziling had been here once before, but hadn’t had the chance to come in, so this was his first visit.

He looked and touched here and there curiously, asking here and there about this and that, and the living room was full of joy.

Fu Ziyan’s gaze was quiet as he looked around.

This villa was much smaller than Fu’s house, and because it was so small, the living room looked a little cramped, and there were toys all over the balcony.

The sofa in the living room was pink, the curtains were in warm tones, and the decorative arrangements were all the kind of furry, small objects that one wanted to touch.

This home was so much cozier than Fu’s.

No wonder Fu Ziling had to live over here ……

At this time, Ye Jingzhan came down from upstairs with little Yinyin who had gotten up, Fu Ziling excitedly pounced over, “Sister Yinyin, you haven’t combed your hair, let second brother comb your hair today, okay?”

Little Yinyin puffed up her eyes, protected her hair with both hands and took a step backwards.

“Second Brother will be very, very gentle, it won’t hurt you, and Second Brother will braid your hair in the best braid in the world!”

Little Yinyin cocked her head and thought for a few minutes before nodding and following Fu Ziling to sit on the sofa.

Fu Ziling had no idea how to comb her hair, so he was so clumsy that he ripped off two of the little girl’s hair when he first took the comb.

Ye Jingzhan gave him a painful glare: “If you don’t know how to comb your hair, don’t pretend to be fat.”

Fu Ziling was very aggrieved: “I watched the braiding video last night, I can comb my hair, I really can ……”

Ye Jingzhan took the comb and smoothed his sister’s hair, then carefully braided it.

His hands were deft, and in a few moves, a braid was already done, and he skillfully took the leather band and tied it tightly, changed direction and tied the other side.

“Wow, you’re really good!”

Fu Ziling couldn’t help but applaud, his eyes full of envy.

Fu Ziyan stood at the side, but his fingers secretly copied Ye Jingzhan’s movements ……

Seeing the four children enjoying themselves, Ye Yunla smiled gently as she tied on her apron and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Little Yinyin didn’t need to practise the piano at the weekend, so she happily rummaged through all her toys and sat on the crawl mat with Fu Ziling to play with them.

Fu Ziling was not really interested in girls’ toys, but as long as he could spend more time with Yinyin’s sister, he would do anything he was asked to …… He even put on a wig and let Little Yinyin do his make-up and painted his fingers with various colours of nail polish ……

Little Yinyin was having a lot of fun.

Fu Ziyan, however, could not look at it a bit, his stupid brother’s makeup at this moment was really a bit spicy to the eyes.

When he turned his head, he saw Ye Jingzhan sitting on the balcony, clutching a notebook in his hand.

The curtains of the balcony blocked Ye Jingzhan’s figure, and if one were to change the angle, one would definitely not be able to see that Ye Jingzhan was hiding there playing with his laptop.

Fu Ziyan squinted his eyes and walked over step by step.

Ye Jingzhan’s fingers flew across the keyboard, and on the screen was string after string of code symbols, and the communication interface of the communication software on the right.

“You’re forming a hacking team?”

A voice, suddenly sounded behind him, and Ye Jingzhan quickly raised his hand to close the laptop.