HC Chapter 419

After Ye Yunla left with the children, the originally lively living room suddenly cooled down.

Fu Zi Ling beamed unhappily and sat on the sofa playing with the blocks and puzzles that Little Yinyin hadn’t finished playing with.

Fu Ziyan raised his head, walked to the side of Fu Beijiu and asked faintly, “Daddy, did you make Mummy angry?”

Fu Beijiu’s eyebrows knitted: “Why do you ask that?”

“Mummy has been in a bit of a bad mood since she came out of the kitchen, I thought she was too tired, but just now at dinner, Mummy didn’t say a word to Daddy.” Fu Ziyan spoke up, “Did daddy say something excessive to mummy?”

Fu Beijue pinched his brow, “What happens between adults, children won’t understand.”

The excessive thing he did was five years ago.

That night he was so drunk and confused that he couldn’t remember what he had done.

If he had known that this day would come, no matter what, he would not have let Sun Yan get himself drunk ……


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

If it hadn’t been for that one night of misadventure five years ago, there wouldn’t have been these four children between him and Ye Yunla.

If it wasn’t for these four children, he and her, I’m afraid, would never have met in this life.

In one’s life, what are the odds of meeting the person whose heart moves them?

I have heard that the probability is less than one in ten million.

Since he had already met her, he would never let go.

“So it was daddy who made mummy angry!” Fu Ziling reacted with hindsight, “No wonder Mommy was unhappy tonight, no wonder Mommy didn’t even kiss me, it’s all Daddy’s fault! Humph, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like mummy, daddy, I like mummy anyway, when I grow up, I’ll marry mummy back!”

Fu Beijiu’s face darkened, “Do you brat know what you are talking about?”

“Hmph! I like Mummy anyway, I want to be with Mummy for the rest of my life! If you can’t, then I’ll do it!” Fu Zi Ling ran a few steps away, made a face, and then patted his butt and hid upstairs.

Fu Beijiu’s face was as gloomy as if water was dripping out of it.

He couldn’t?

If he couldn’t, how could he have this brat!

“Mummy is the number one beauty in Haicheng, there are too many people who like Mummy, go Daddy.”

Fu Ziyan glanced at Fu Beijiu and raised his steps to go upstairs as well.

Fu Beijiu sat on the sofa, his brow twisted into a crease, the kind that could pinch a fly to death.

He took out his phone, found Sun Yan’s WeChat, and typed a line in the input field, “What is the most effective method you usually use to pursue women?”

After typing this line out, he felt wrong again and deleted the sentence with his backhand.

Ye Yunla was not at all like other women.

There was no way those methods of Sun Yan could be used on Ye Yunla.

Moreover, if he used Sun Yan’s methods to chase after Ye Yunla, it always felt, not very respectful ……

But on his own, he really couldn’t think of a good way to do it.

The president of the company, who had always been able to plan his strategy and not change his face even when his tiger was in front of him, was depressed to the extreme at this moment.

He clicked on his WeChat circle of friends and casually scanned it, when his gaze suddenly gave a lurch.

It was a long text –

“I met a patient today, she has a serious psychological disorder, a psychological shadow left over from her early childhood. Twelve years had pa*sed since that incident and she had long forgotten about it, but on her wedding night with her husband, she suddenly recalled those bad memories. She loved and loved her husband, but whenever she remembered her violated past, she could not sleep in the same bed with him …… Such a patient, I meet one almost every month ……”

Fu Beijue, who had only been rambling, now lifted his heart and mind.

How could he not remember that there was another psychiatrist in his circle of friends?