HC Chapter 416

Who would have thought that Fu Beijiu was about to wash the beans when she ran headlong into the man’s body.

And the splash of oil that came out landed right on the back of her hand, and she wrinkled her brow in pain ……

Fu Beijiu side-eyed the fire off, full of worry: “Where is it burned, does it hurt?”

“A small injury, I’m fine.”

Ye Yunla put her hand under the tap and rinsed it.

After cooking for a long time, she would often be splashed with oil, a little burn was nothing ……

But suddenly.

A large coarse hand took hold of her fingertips: “I’ll apply some scalding medicine to you.”

Ye Yunla hurriedly pulled her hand out, but did not break free, and said somewhat helplessly, “There’s really no need, besides, can you still find where it’s burnt?”

The small red spot that had just been scalded had been lost once it was rinsed by the cold water ……

The first thing you need to do is to look around at the back of her hand and make sure there are no more traces of burns, before you release her hand.

It’s just that the little bit of fingertips that he was holding onto were already red from his pinching.

The man took a step back as an afterthought, but when he raised his eyes, he saw waves of light floating in Ye Yunla’s clear, cold eyes.

A sudden dryness in his throat.

The urge to do so, suddenly surfaced again ……

He took a step forward, less than ten centimeters away from Ye Yunla.

He could clearly see her lips, she should have just tasted the tomato, the corners of her lips were stained with the watery red juice of the tomato, which looked particularly tempting.

He suddenly wanted to taste it, what did her lips taste like, would they be as sweet as the tomatoes?

His head lowered little by little.

Ye Yunla’s mind suddenly went blank.

She had some idea of what this man was going to do, and her consciousness told her that she should dodge away.

But her two legs, as if they were nailed in place, could not move a single inch ……

She just watched the man’s face, getting closer and closer ……

“Good wow daddy, you lied to me!”

Fu Ziling’s voice, suddenly exploded in both of their ears.

Ye Yunla instantly snapped back to her senses, parted her face and went to touch the kitchen knife, pretending to be cutting ginger.

Fu Beijue stood up straight, his eyes didn’t even know where to put them as his face sank, “Why did you come in?”

“Humph! Big liar!” Fu Zi Ling said in an exasperated voice with his arms around his chest, “Daddy forbade me to kiss my sister, but ended up hiding in the kitchen to kiss mummy himself! Mommy is a girl and daddy is a boy, boys aren’t allowed to kiss girls! Daddy’s gone too far! Daddy’s a liar!”

Caught by his own son, Fu Beijiu’s face darkened.

He said coldly, “Are you not wanting to eat dinner anymore?”

Fu Ziling spat out his tongue and darted out.

With the little one barging in, the atmosphere in the kitchen instantly returned to normal.

Ye Yunla poured oil on the stove and poured the tomatoes into the pan and stir-fried them, moving briskly and nimbly.

Fu Beijue touched his nose, took the dish from her hand and put it on the counter.

Before he could say anything, Ye Yunla started to stir-fry the next dish, and the kitchen was filled with all kinds of noises, so he swallowed what he was going to say.

Ye Yunla moved quickly, and in less than half an hour, six dishes were out of the pan.

She turned off the hood and the kitchen finally quietened down.

She untied her apron and slowly said, “Mr. Fu, I know what you are going to say, I just want to tell you one thing, I don’t want to choose either of the two paths Mrs. Fu gave.”