HC Chapter 407

Ye Yunla’s fingers lurched and her head snapped up.

She put down the work in her hands, took a step and went outside beyond.

Before she could go outside, she saw outside the gla*s door, Ye Zhanshan and Xu Yuying standing there with anxious faces.

She suddenly let out a cold laugh.

It had been two days since Ye Xueying’s accident, these two people should be at their wit’s end and that was why they had found her here.


Seeing her come out, Xu Yuying’s hands shook with excitement.

If someone who didn’t know what was going on saw her, they would have thought it was a mother who hadn’t seen her daughter for too long and was on the verge of tears from excitement.

Ye Yunla’s face was full of indifference: “What do you want from me?”

She said, glancing at her watch, “I have another meeting coming up, so you guys have something to say.”

Ye Zhenshan was instantly enraged, “Your sister is like that, and you still have the heart to have a meeting? Ye Yunla, you must find a way to get your sister out!”

Ye Yunla curled her lips, “What does it matter to me what happened to her?”

The corners of her mouth floated into a smile, “Don’t forget, she kidnapped my own son, my son almost died at her hands, and you still want me to save her? Do you really think I’m the Virgin Mary?”

Ye Zhenshan raised his hand in anger.

Ye Yunla was not the least bit afraid and met him with a cold face.

“Old Ye, don’t make a move ……” Xu Yuying hugged Ye Zhenshan’s arm and pleaded bitterly, “Yara, I know it’s Xue’er’s fault, but she’s still young and doesn’t know any better, that’s why she did such a reckless thing …… I apologise on behalf of Xue’er, can you forgive her? …… 苒苒, Xue’er is your own sister, can you bear to see her delayed in a prison cell for the rest of her life?”

Ye Yunla sneered, “If she had succeeded the night before last, then my son and I, would have been separated from each other forever.”

“Yara, have you forgotten, the night you gave birth four years ago, Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling died as soon as they were born, if it wasn’t for Xue’er’s kind heart to take the children to the hospital, your mother and son would have been separated from each other forever!” Xu Yuying grabbed Ye Yunla’s arm and cried, “Four years ago, Xue’er saved Fu Ziyin and Fu Ziling, today, four years later, you can help Xue’er out and save her from jail, okay? Yara, I swear to you, as long as you can get Xue’er out of jail, I will immediately take Xue’er and disappear from Haicheng, and never disturb your lives again from now on, please ……”

Ye Yunla indifferently pulled her hand out.

She looked at the two people in front of her and spoke in the coldest voice in her life, “Ye Xue Ying’s matter has nothing to do with me, please don’t come back to me in the future!”

After she finished speaking, she stepped forward and was about to walk into the office.

But Xu Yuying tugged her wrist, “Yara, do you really want to be so heartless?”

She turned her eyes and said word for word, “Five years ago, when you drugged me into a strange man’s bed, did you ever think there would be a day like this? Four years ago, when you set fire to the Ye family the night I gave birth, did you ever think that this day would come? Did you ever think there would be such a day when you a*sisted Ye Xueying in impersonating my son’s real mother these past four years?”

She pulled her hand out and straightened her collar as she continued, “You have always been heartless, so why should you ask me to think of my family?”

Xu Yuying’s eyes were filled with despair.

Xue’er was her only daughter, her greatest pride in her life, but her Xue’er was going to spend the rest of her life in prison ……

In this instant, Xu Yuying felt like she had suddenly aged ten years.