HC Chapter 406

Little Yinyin very consciously went off to practice the piano, and Ye Yunla took her laptop out and searched the internet for the name Fu Chuan.

Because of Fu Chuan, she didn’t really want to work with the Yelitos Group anymore.

However, because of the four children, she had to work with Yelitos again, and she had to be strong to increase her chances of taking back custody ……

No matter how terrible Fu Chuan was, she had to rise to the occasion.

Ye Yunla pressed the enter key and the webpage appeared with many profiles of people with the name Fu Chuan, the most famous actually being a star.

She eliminated all the information about this star and searched through hundreds of thousands of millions of messages for information about Fu Chuan, searching and searching, finally finding an introduction –

Fu Chuan, the president of the Chinese branch of the Yelitos Group, has been in office for one year and during his reign Yelitos has grown rapidly in the Chinese market ……

This article is also about Fu Chuan’s contribution to Yelitos, there is no personal information about Fu Chuan ……

“The information of this person called Fu Chuan should have been erased.” Ye Jingzhan came over at some point, “Mummy, do you need me to check it for you?”

Ye Yunla handed the computer over, “As long as you can find out, find out all of it.”

This was her next partner, she had to have an all-round understanding of this person, she was a mother and there were many things she didn’t dare to risk.

Ye Jingzhan took the laptop, her fingers tapping rapidly on the keyboard, not long after, the computer screen turned black, leaving only white bytes bouncing around on it.

“Fu Chuan, it’s a name he changed later, the former name can’t be found ……”

Ye Jingzhan narrowed his eyes, digging out the deeply buried information bit by bit.

“He once lived in an orphanage for eight years …… The latter years of experience were once again erased and no trace of them could be found online ……”

“He has an underground company under his hand, which is doing unseen business ……”

Hearing Ye Jingzhan’s words, Ye Yunla remembered that human biological experiment.

That should be the dark company under Fu Chuan …… What exactly did that company do? Was it connected to Yelitos or not?

“Mummy, all the information you can find is here.”

Ye Jingzhan got up and clicked on the document that had been compiled, all the information was very clear and unambiguous, and what information could not be found was all marked out.

“Jing’er, you’ve worked hard, go wash up and go to bed.” Ye Yunla stroked Ye Jingzhan’s head before sitting on the sofa and continuing to study the document.

Fu Chuan had changed his name and also his surname, this didn’t leave a trace online, so no matter how skilled the hackers were, they couldn’t find the original information.

Fu Chuan had two identities, one was known as the president of Yelitos China, this was his veneer of walking in the light.

The other identity, is the owner of a dark company, which is encrypted information, except for hacking experts, no one will even find out ……

The good thing is that the two companies are not connected in any way.

In other words, her cooperation with Yelitos did not have anything to do with the real Fu Chuan.

Only then was Yeh Yunla relieved.


The next day, after sending the two children to kindergarten, Ye Yunla drove to the company.

“Tan Jing, you consolidate the information on Yelitos and send a copy to each person in the technical department.”

Hearing Ye Yunla’s order, Tan Jing froze for a moment, “Mr. Ye, I heard that the person from the Zhuang family has already been decided internally for the position you want to bid for, so we’d better not waste this time, right?”

Ye Yunla smiled and said, “The bidding will be held again, we still have a chance, you go and do the preparations first.”

Tan Jing was a qualified assistant, and since her superior had said so, she naturally had no choice but to do as she was told.

Ye Yunla turned on her computer and gave the A-F project the finishing touches, this project had already started to be executed and her side of the work would soon be finished ……

It was almost noon when Tan Jing hurried in: “Mr. Ye, there’s someone outside looking for you ……”

Ye Yunla didn’t even raise her head: “Do you have an appointment?”

“Mr. Ye, the other party claims to be your father and mother.”