HC Chapter 405

“As long as I can keep the four children together and make me be the villain, I’ll accept it.”

Madam Fu’s face was cold and sullen, and her tone was very decisive.

Fu Beijiu turned his gaze and said indifferently, “I choose the second path.”


Madam Fu froze for a moment, not responding for a moment to what he was saying.

“I said, I choose the second path.” Fu Beijiu said slowly, “Mom can take her time getting ready up.”

Mrs Fu froze again.

When she had said the first path earlier, Beijue had interrupted her and threatened to send her back to Australia.

Now, he actually took the initiative to choose the second path.

Wait, what was the second path she had said before?

Madam Fu slowly spoke, “You are willing to marry Ye Yunla?”

Previously, she had talked her head off, but Bei Jue was not even willing to marry Ye Xue Ying, and she always suspected that her son was a non-maritalist.

But now, he actually took the initiative to get married?

This is really a hell of a thing!

Fu Beijue said without changing his face, “But this matter cannot be rushed, take your time.”

Madam Fu’s eyes were complicated.

It seemed that this son of hers really liked Ye Yunla.

Luckily it was Ye Yunla and not some other woman, otherwise she was really worried that the stepmother would treat the four children badly ……


The car was driving slowly on the road.

Ye Yunla took the steering wheel and asked in a slow voice, “Jing’er, what do you think of Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling?”

Ye Jingzhan raised his eyes and said, “Which aspect does mommy want to ask about?”

“For example, do you like playing with them?” Ye Yunla weighed her words, “If you were to live with them, would you be happy?”

Ye Jingzhan’s eyes stuttered, “Mummy you’re sending me and my sister to live with the Fu family?”

“Of course not.” Ye Yunla smiled, “Maybe Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling are staying at our house, I’ll ask your opinion in advance.”

Ye Jingzhan breathed a sigh of relief, “They’re both quite nice, of course I welcome them to our home.”

Ye Yunla pursed the corners of her lips.

Be a guest.

These two words fully revealed Jing’er’s inner thoughts.

In Jing’er’s heart, Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling could only be outsiders, obviously blood brothers, but only guests of each other.

Ye Yunla suddenly understood the meaning of Madam Fu’s words.

–Quadruplet brothers, they should live together.

But why, was it Jing’er and Little Yinyin who changed their surnames, why was it she who married into the Fu family?

Ye Yunla knew she shouldn’t think like that, but she had walked into a dead end, and couldn’t get out of it ……

The car stopped at the entrance of the villa, and she swept a glance at the two-storey villa.

Three bedrooms and a study upstairs, a guest room and a study downstairs, and with a little remodeling, two more rooms could be added.

She had already begun to fantasize about her life after she took Fu Ziyan Fu Ziling over, but her abilities were limited, and there was no way how she could take custody from the Fu family ……

Ye Yunla sighed and took the two children into the house.