HC Chapter 402

Ye Jingzhan: “……”

My sister seems to have been snatched away too, no more love ……

The family of six was happily dining, and halfway through the meal, the sound of servants greeting in unison suddenly came from the villa entrance, “Hello Madam!”

It was Mrs. Fu who had returned.

After returning from Australia on her big birthday a few days ago, Madame Fu had been busy meeting old friends in the past few days and was rarely at home.

Coming back at this point today, she was considered to have come back relatively early.

Ye Yunla twisted her head to look, and saw Madam Fu in her dress dress skirt walking in from outside.

Her fingers stiffened slightly, not knowing for a moment what posture she should use to face Madam Fu.

“Grandma, you’re back!”

Fu Ziling happily pushed her chair away and jumped down, rushing to the door and taking Mrs. Fu’s hand, tugging her towards the dining room.

“Grandma, tell you oh, I have a mommy and a sister, and I have an extra brother too ……”

Ye Jingzhan: “……” So he’s the extra one?

“Grandma look, doesn’t my sister look super cute and super adorable?” Fu Ziling pointed at Ye Yinyin and said as if offering a treasure, “Grandma I’m telling you oh, my sister’s voice is super nice, soft and sweet, just like candyfloss ……”

Fu Ziling a excited as hell.

Mrs. Fu’s gaze, however, quietly swept over the three people, mother and son Ye Yunla.

From the time she learned that the Fu family still had two skeletons in the bloodstream, she had sent someone to check it out.

Back then, Ye Yunla had given birth to quadruplets, and the first two were carried to the Fu family by Ye Xueying, a poisonous woman, in exchange for glory and wealth.

The other two, on the other hand, were taken abroad by Ye Yunla and only brought back to Haicheng a month or so ago ……

These two children, one as calm as water and the other as pink as jade, were their Fu family’s seed at first glance ……

“Madam, hello.”

Ye Yunla stood up under Mrs. Fu’s scrutinizing gaze and greeted without being condescending.

Ye Jingzhan also stood up and stood in front of little Yinyin, blocking Mrs. Fu’s meaningful gaze.

“This is Jing’er and Little Yinyin, isn’t it?” Mrs. Fu’s voice eased down and her gaze took on a bit of compa*sion, “You two come here to grandma.”

Little Yinyin was unsure and hid behind Ye Jingzhan somewhat nervously.

Ye Jingzhan took his sister’s hand and glanced at Ye Yunla.

“Jing’er, this is grandma, go over and say hello to grandma.” Ye Yunla said softly, her face clouded over, but her fingers were tightly pinched in her palm.

What is Mrs. Fu’s attitude towards Jing’er and Little Yinyin, she doesn’t know yet ……

She looked over with one pair of eyes, slightly tense.

Suddenly, a hand patted her on the back and the man’s voice on her side said in a low voice: “My mother likes Little Yinyin very much, don’t worry.”

Mrs Fu did indeed like Little Yinyin very much.

When she had celebrated her birthday that day, before she knew that Little Yinyin was a Fu family child, she had wanted to hug this little girl.

Now after knowing that this was her own granddaughter, that fondness was even more unbearable ……

Unfortunately, the little girl’s eyes were full of caution and she hid behind Ye Jingzhan, refusing to take another step forward in death ……

“Grandma.” Ye Jingzhan shouted good-naturedly, “My sister is not a talker, so please don’t mind my sister’s rudeness, grandmother.”

Mrs. Fu’s gaze fell on Ye Jingzhan’s body, this child, he looks so much like Zi Yan ……