HC Chapter 397

Yelitos Group has just moved into Haicheng, the office building is rented, and the team for this project has not yet been a*sembled.

On this day’s large tender site, not only did the lead programming designer need to be recruited, but also the process control room, product operators, the full process planning team, technical consultants …… The team had to be recruited for all of these positions.

There are several hundred square feet in Bidding Hall 1, but it is full of people coming to bid.

The people who could come here to bid were all the top players in various industries, and everyone looked like they were full of ambition.

Ye Yunla sat in the last row of seats, her gaze clear and her face stoic.

Tan Jing was a little apprehensive, but when she saw that Ye Yunla was immobile and unruffled, she gradually calmed down.

“Hello, I’m the general manager of Fili, I’m here to bid for the chief controller of the site, and you?”

A man sitting on the side came over to greet him, and even took the lead in handing over a business card with full sincerity.

Ye Yunla smiled lightly and said, “I’m here to bid for the chief designer of chip development, please give me more guidance.”

The man was clearly stunned, “You are Ms. Zhuang?”

Ye Yunla shook her head, “Why do you say that?”

The man pushed his gla*ses, “I was approaching the Yelitos Group six months ago, I heard that the position of Chief Chip Designer was booked six months ago, the designer’s surname is Zhuang ……”

Ye Yunla frowned: “If it was already booked in advance, why was there still information about it in the promotional brochure?”

“I don’t know about that ……” The man rubbed the back of his head, somewhat afraid to look at Ye Yunla’s overly beautiful face, “But I heard that this Ms. Zhuang is particularly good at chip design, and seems to have been a tutor at Cambridge University, which is the reason why Yelitos has decided on Ms. Zhuang internally ……”

Ye Yunla searched her mind for the name of the tutor at Cambridge surnamed Zhuang and hardy didn’t get the right number.

Although she had studied at Harvard, she had often collaborated with Cambridge on projects, and she really hadn’t heard of this person.

The man thought she was knowingly backing off and whispered, “Isn’t there an a*sistant to the chief designer you can bid on, I think you could try this ……”

“Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

Ye Yunla nodded her thanks to the man and flipped open the Yelitos brochure, looking it over again carefully.

Just then, the host of the bidding session hurriedly came on stage and said with an apologetic face, “Gentlemen and ladies, I’m really sorry, there’s been a slight glitch in our bidding system, we may not be able to do live bidding today, we need to wait for notification of the exact time and location of the next bidding ……”

A slightly balding man in the front row stood up and said, “Leave it to me to fix it in five minutes.”

The host touched a handful of sweat on his face, “It’s not just any system failure, it’s a hacker siege, the entire Yelitos Group intranet is down ……”

The hacking of Yelitos’ official website had instantly made it to the top of the search.

This was no ordinary hacker siege, within just ten minutes, all the funds on the official website were transferred ……

The well-prepared bidders in the bidding arena could only leave with regrets.

There were also many technical programmers on the site, but their main focus was on writing code, hacking was not their strong suit, so they could only watch for a few minutes and then leave.

“Mr Ye, let’s go first.”

Tan Jing said softly as she packed up her papers.

Ye Yunla shook her head and said indifferently, “You wait for me outside.”

After she finished, she stepped on her high heels and crossed the corridor through the back door to Yelitos’ office.

The people over here had gone crazy ……

“$300 million being transferred, please intercept, please intercept quickly!”

“Corporate accounts are being attacked, request additional staff!”