HC Chapter 392

“How exactly were the four children born four years ago?”

Fu Beijiu slowly spoke up and asked.

He had watched the news four years ago, and the events of that night had been described in graphic detail by many reporters, but they were all half-truths and half-fakes.

The only thing that was certain was that on the night she gave birth, Ye Yunla had indeed not gone to the hospital and had given birth to four children in the Ye family’s warehouse.

He could not imagine how she had managed to give birth to four children without any problems ……

And I heard that the Ye family caught fire that night ……

Ye Yunla pursed the corners of her lips, her face was clear: “Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling Mr. down, two children were born without breath, I just thought they had ……”

Her voice choked for a moment as she continued, “Ye Xueying took the two children away, and I don’t know where she took them, but I always thought the two children were dead ……”

She lowered her eyelids, covering all the emotions under her eyes.

Fu Beijiu felt as if he was cruelly tearing her already scabbed scars.

He said somewhat apologetically, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, if it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have suffered all this ……”

“It’s okay, it’s all in the past.”

Ye Yunla raised her head, and the clouds had returned to her eyes.

All the pain she had endured during those years had become a pa*sing cloud, and the woman she was now, had long since become less vulnerable.

Fu Beijiu looked at her with such determination.

In his mind, the figure of that woman from five years ago emerged, that face, slowly overlapping with this face of Ye Yunla.

No wonder he didn’t have any impulse towards Ye Xueying, it turned out that woman, was Ye Yunla.

This woman, who had belonged to him five years ago.

This was his woman.

Suddenly, the ringing of the mobile phone interrupted the silence in the ward.

Fu Beijue scanned the caller ID, it was Mrs. Fu, and he gave Ye Yunla a gesture of silence.

As soon as the call was answered, Mrs. Fu’s nervous voice came from the other end of the phone, “Beijiu, Lao Qiao said you had received a gunshot wound, what’s going on?”

Fu Beiji frowned and said indifferently, “Housekeeper Qiao just likes to make a big deal out of it.

He finished speaking and was ready to hang up the phone.

Mrs. Fu said coldly, “Wait, I heard that the ones you gave birth to four years ago were not twins, but quadruplets?”

Fu Beijiu subconsciously swept a glance at Ye Yunla before he said, “Mom, where did you hear about these things again?”

“Just because I haven’t been in Haicheng all these years doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.” Mrs. Fu spoke coldly, “I don’t want to interfere with the matters between you and the two sisters of the Ye family, but the blood and bones of the Fu family must be recognized back, and the children of the Fu family must also recognize their ancestors.”

Mrs. Fu’s voice was so loud in the latter sentence that Ye Yunla vaguely heard a few words.

She thought of Old Master Chen, when she knew that the Chen family’s blood and bones were outside, Old Master Chen’s attitude was brutal and rude.

At this moment, what was the difference between Madam Fu and Master Chen?

I just don’t know what Fu Beijiu was thinking.

Seeing that Fu Beiji hung up the phone, Ye Yunla pre-emptively said, “Mr. Fu, there is no way I will give up the custody of Jing’er and Little Yinyin, no matter what means you use, I will not give in!”

Fu Beijiu knitted his brows: “When did I have to fight with you for custody?”

Ye Yunla collected the sharp thorns in her body and calmed down, “Then what do you mean?”