HC Chapter 378

“Fu Beijue, I know it’s you!” Ye Xueying stood inside and said to herself, “I made a mistake four years ago, a big mistake, I shouldn’t have gotten carried away and pretended to be the mother of my children! Even though I lied to you, I never hurt Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling. Why are you doing this to me?

Ye Yunla, who was standing outside, froze violently.

Fu Beijiu knew about the child?

When did he know?

Before she could even think about it, she heard Ye Xue Ying’s voice become even more frantic.

“I waited for you for four years, gave four years of my youth to your Fu family, but how did you treat me? You never put me in the bottom of your eyes, you never wanted to marry me! Our Ye family has never had a single benefit from your Fu family either, who are you to treat me like this?” Ye Xue Ying roared loudly, “Don’t you just want to kill me, hehehe, it’s fine to let me die, I want Fu Zi Yan to die with me! With the prince of the Fu family as my companion, I won’t be too lonely on the road to Yellow Springs!”

She yanked the unconscious Fu Ziyan by her hand with great force.

Her force was so strong that Fu Ziyan woke up directly from the pain and let out a muffled grunt.

Standing outside, Ye Yunla could no longer keep her cool as she took a step and rushed in.

Once her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was soon able to see the scene in front of her clearly ……

She saw Ye Xueying grabbing Fu Ziyan’s arm and locking her elbow around Fu Ziyan’s neck, while the back of the child’s head was clotted with black and red blood ……

Ye Yunla’s heart clenched violently, “What did you do to Fu Ziyan?”

“It was actually you!” Ye Xue Ying’s taut string loosened an inch as she suddenly sneered, “How did you find your way here, what, mother and son?”

Fu Ziyan, who was locked in a necklock, was half dazed and half awake, when he heard Ye Xue Ying’s words, his eyes snapped open.

He looked towards Ye Yunla who suddenly appeared in front of him, his gaze becoming very complicated in this instant.

Seeing Fu Ziyan open his eyes, Ye Yunla let out a sigh of relief.

She raised her eyes and stared coldly at Ye Xue Ying, saying word for word, “Do you know what you’re doing that’s stupid?”

“Ye Yunla, you’re really cheap, yesterday you said you would help me keep this secret, and today Fu Beijue knows about it!” Ye Xue Ying sneered, “He hates me so much now, he wants to break me into pieces. But let me tell you, I won’t let you get away with it! If I die, I will let Fu Ziyan be buried with me, I will make you and Fu Beijue live in remorse for the rest of their lives!”

As her words fell, her elbow was pressed hard.

Fu Ziyan was instantly choked out of his breath, and he gasped hard, his whole body looked very painful.

Ye Xue Ying laughed up, “Zi Yan, this is how your daddy treated me before, is this feeling particularly unpleasant?”

“Ye Xue Ying, stop it!”

Ye Yunla’s heart was aching with anger.

She had just taken a step forward when Ye Xueying took a step back, the two always maintaining a distance of three to five steps.

“You’d better not come over.” Ye Xue Ying smiled slyly, “If you get too close, I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist strangling this kid.”

Her voice, which was so viciously cold, made Fu Ziyan clench his fist to death.

He had once sincerely taken this woman as his own mother, but now, this woman was trying to strangle him to death.

Just thinking that he had tried to love and respect her made him want to slap himself in the face.

If he hadn’t trusted Ye Xueying too much, how could he have ended up in such a situation himself ……

“As long as you can let Fu Ziyan go, let me do whatever you want.” Ye Yunla said in a slow voice, “I know you actually hate me, whatever hate you have, you can come at me, it has nothing to do with Fu Ziyan.”

Hearing her words, Fu Ziyan’s entire body was stunned.

Why would Ye Yunla come to his rescue …… Why would she pay any price to save him ……

What did Ye Xue Ying mean when she said before that mother and son were connected?

An incredible thought surfaced in Fu Ziyan’s mind ……