HC Chapter 375

Ye’s Group.

Ye Zhenshan and Xu Yuying just watched as the company’s share price plummeted vertically, but were completely helpless to do anything about it.

“Beijue, Ye’s Group really can’t afford such a blow, please have mercy ……”

Ye Zhenshan can no longer forcefully pretend not to care, if this continues, Ye’s Group will only end up in one way, and that is to collapse and go bankrupt ……

The corner of Fu Beijue’s lips hooked into an ice-cold to the extreme smile: “So you still plan to talk tough?”

Xu Yuying propped herself up against her desk, her entire body shaking.

She trembled her pale lips and said, “Beijue, no matter what, Xue’er has taken care of Ziyan and little Lingling for four years, she has worked hard even without merit, will you let our Ye family live ……”

The smile on Fu Beijue’s face disappeared in this instant.

He fiercely rose, eagle eyes emitted sharp light: “That is to say, four years ago, the matter of the Li substitution, you two also know?”

Xu Yuying could not stand the aura emanating from him at all and was shaking, unable to utter a single word.

Ye Zhanshan said with a strong breath, “Four years ago we all thought that LaLa had died, and we couldn’t bear to see our two children without a mother, so we came up with such a solution …… But no matter how you say it, Ziyan and little Lingling have the blood of our Ye family flowing in their bodies, aren’t you afraid that the two children will be cold-hearted if you deal with the Ye Group like this?!”

Fu Beijue was on the verge of being exasperated.

“My two sons have Ye Yunla’s blood flowing through them, and Ye Yunla is their real mother!” He coldly opened his lips, “And you, the Ye family, almost forced my sons’ real mother to death, who do you think, exactly, the two children will be cold-hearted towards?”

He sneered, “The only thing you should be thankful for now is that Ye Yunla has shares in the Ye Group, otherwise, the Ye Group would have disappeared from Haicheng tonight.”

Ye Zhenshan sat down paralyzed on the sofa.

Xu Yuying’s eyes were filled with panic, she always felt that Fu Beijue’s revenge was more than that, there must be even more terrible means ……


Just at that moment, her mobile phone vibrated.

She scanned the caller ID, it was Xue’er, she didn’t dare to answer it and hung up the phone in a hurry.

Fu Beijue also saw the name flashing on the phone screen, he laughed lightly, “Answer it, I’d like to see how else you mother and daughter plan to fool me.”

He had been fooled for four years, more than a thousand days and nights, he would never let the Ye family off easily!

Making Ye Group’s share price drop was just the first step.

The phone had already hung up, but Ye Xueying called again, Xu Yuying didn’t dare to look at Fu Beijiu’s eyes, and put the phone on with trembling hands.

“Mom, listen to me, you now hurry to sell all the stocks in your hands, and all the fixed a*sets, all sold, regardless of the price, all sold out ……” Ye Xueying’s voice was hoarse and wretched, “You hurry up and transfer me 100 million, I want to leave the country now ……”

Xu Yuying’s heart, little by little, fell to the bottom.

It seems that Fu Beijiu had already gone to her daughter, Xue’er was scared like this, what exactly did Fu Beijiu do to Xue’er ……

“Mom, are you listening to what I’m saying or not?”

“Xue’er, Fu Beijiu, he, he’s right next to me ……” Xu Yuying’s voice trembled, “Ye’s Group’s share price has fallen to a halt, the shares can’t be sold ……”


Ye Xueying’s voice was filled with shock.

She leaned against the car, the cold wind kept pouring into her collar, but the chill on her body was not brought by the wind, but floated up from the bottom of her heart.

This man, Fu Beijue, was too ruthless ……

He wanted to kill her and bankrupt the Ye Group, he really did not leave a way out for her.

“Xue’er, go away, go as far as you can, don’t go back to the Ye family ……” Xu Yuying shouted over the phone.