HC Chapter 366

He had always felt that Fu Ziyan had inherited his intelligence, and he prided himself on his high IQ, but he was, by chance, deceived by a woman for four years.

Four years ago, this woman appeared in front of him with two children in her arms, with a paternity test report, so he believed it.

Because this woman was the biological mother of his son, he tolerated the presence of such a woman in his life ……

But all of this, after all, was a lie.

Thinking of this, Fu Beijiu’s hand was a few more points harder.

“Ye Yunla she lied to you, things are not what she said, I really am Fu Ziyan’s mother ……”

Ye Xue Ying slyly argued with a strong breath.

She felt like she was half dead, if she didn’t break free from this man’s grasp, she felt like she would definitely die here today.

It was clear that yesterday Ye Yunla had promised her that she would keep this secret, but why did Fu Beijue know about it today?

It must have been that bitch who said those things on purpose in order to stabilize her ……

She was killed by that bitch Ye Yunla!

“Beijue, we did a paternity test, I am the mother of the children ……” Ye Xueying gasped, “Can’t you see what I’ve given to the children these past four years? How can you deny all of me just because of a few words from Ye Yunla?”

Fu Beijue’s eyes had turned into sharp blades.

From the moment he heard Ye Yunla’s words, he had already decided that Ye Yunla was the children’s mother.

Even if there was no evidence to prove this, he was still convinced beyond belief.

Because, on Ye Yunla, there was the smell of that woman from five years ago ……

Because, Fu Ziling was so attached to Ye Yunla ……

Because, he had no resistance to Little Yinyin ……

Because, little Yinyin called him daddy ……

There were many, many more nail-biting facts that went through his mind.

Ye Yunla was the woman he had had a night with.

Ye Yunla was the one who was the mother of Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling.

And little Yinyin and Ye Jingzhan, too, were his blood and bones ……

He and his woman, and his child, had missed out on four whole years.

And all of this was because of Ye Xueying!

In Fu Beijue’s eyes, a thick killing intent surfaced.

His fingers, once again, tightened.

The air thinned a little, and Ye Xue Ying finally understood what suffocation felt like.

She opened her mouth wide, greedily breathing in air, but her neck was being choked, and the air in her chest cavity was squeezed out just as it went in.

“Help, help!”

Ye Xueying collapsed to the floor and raised her hand to smash down the desk lamp in her hand viciously.

But the maids outside did not dare to come in at all, and Old Mrs. Ye was not at home at this time ……

In the large Ye family villa, no one came to her rescue at all ……

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

He spoke in a condescending manner, “Give you one last chance.”

Ye Xueying covered her neck and gasped for air, she had truly walked back from the ghost gate, she really experienced what death was like.

This man wanted to kill her, he really wanted to kill her!

If she continued to lie, she would definitely not see the sun tomorrow!

“Beijue, I was wrong ……”