HC Chapter 363

Fu’s Group.

“Mr. Fu, he has indeed arrived in Haicheng.”

Assistant Zheng placed a stack of photos on his desk.

Fu Beijue’s fingertips traced over the photos, and a gloom gradually surfaced on his face.

He said coldly, “Apart from going to Lara Star Technology Company, where else did he go?”

Assistant Zheng shook his head, “He stayed at the bar all afternoon and hasn’t come out yet.”

Fu Beijiu picked up the lighter and slowly burned up the stack of photos on the table, the ghostly blue flames slowly engulfing the silver mask.

After processing the photos, he raised his wrist and glanced at the time, 5pm.

“The evening meeting is pushed.”

He picked up his suit and headed out the door.

“Mr. Fu, the evening is the last quarter’s work report, this meeting is very important ……” When Assistant Zheng chased after him, Fu Beijiu had already entered the lift.

He walked to the car park, pulled open the car door and sat inside, then sent a WeChat to Ye Yunla: “I’ll be at your company in twenty minutes.”

Ye Yunla was in a meeting and froze for a moment when she received this text message.

This man, what was he doing at her company?

She sent a question mark over.

“I promised Little Yinyin that I would pick her up from school today and we would go to kindergarten together.”

Only when she saw the words from Fu Beijiu did Ye Yunla send back a “yes”.

She put down her phone and finished her meeting summary before returning to her office.

She wrapped up her work for the day and then tidied up her desk, just waiting for Fu Beiji to come over before she could leave work.

Just then, her phone vibrated and it was Xie Zhirui calling.

“Yara, why didn’t you even tell me when such a big thing happened last night?”

Ye Yunla was stunned, “How did you know?”

“The security office called me to tell me what happened last night, otherwise I would still be in the dark.” Xie Zhirui said with a sigh, “I really don’t feel comfortable with you living there alone as a single mother with two children, otherwise how about this, you move in with the Xie family, with me and grandma around, others won’t dare to tell you what to do.”

That villa was the Xie family’s house, after the security office found out about the attack last night, they should have called Xie Zhirui.

Ye Yunla really didn’t think that this incident would be so bad that her cousin would know about it.

She said helplessly, “Grandma shouldn’t know about this yet, right?”

“How dare I tell grandma?” Xie Zhirui paused and said, “I heard from the guards at the security office that those two men in black were sent by the Chen family, didn’t your child have nothing to do with Chen Tianqian, why would the Chen family send people to trouble you?”

Earlier, Ye Yunla held a press conference to clarify the matter of the two children, Xie Zhirui naturally believed her cousin’s words.

Ye Yunla said as she gathered her documents, “Jing’er and Little Yinyin really have nothing to do with the Chen family, I’ve made this matter clear with Chen Tianqian, he shouldn’t come back in the future. I will protect Jing’er and Xiaoyin, and if I need any help in the future, I will be the first one to call you.”

Xie Zhirui paused for several seconds before speaking tentatively, “LaLa, can I ask who Jing’er and Little Yinyin’s real father really is?”

When he asked this, Ye Yunla fell silent.

“I’m sorry LaLa, this is your personal matter, I shouldn’t have asked this too much, just pretend I didn’t ask anything ……”

“Cousin, it’s not that I don’t want to talk about it, it’s that I haven’t thought about how to say it.”

Ye Yunla leaned against the balcony window, her gaze unfocused as she looked out the window at the skyscrapers.

There are some things that one is bored with for a long time, so one especially wants to find someone to talk to.