HC Chapter 356

Fu Beijiu’s brow furrowed, “Mom, when I met her, I didn’t know she was the children’s great-aunt.”

“So now that you know, isn’t it time to give up.” Mrs Fu said coldly, “The second Miss of the Ye family gave you children, yet you married the eldest Miss of the Ye family, if word of this gets out, do you know how others will laugh at our Fu family?”

“The fact that I like Ye Yunla has nothing to do with her being the eldest Miss of the Ye family.” Fu Beijiu spoke indifferently, “There’s no way I would break up with her just because she’s Ye Xueying’s sister either.”

Ye Yunla, who was leading the two children downstairs, was caught off guard when she heard such a statement.

She was surprised, astonished, shocked …… Various emotions intertwined in her eyes ……

Although they are now boyfriend and girlfriend, in fact, they are together, not because they like each other ……

But now, this man, in front of Madam Fu, actually said that he liked her, and said that he would never break up with her no matter what ……

Her copper-walled heart, as if by something, quietly disintegrated.

Mrs. Fu heard the footsteps on the stairs and did not speak again.

She turned back, her gaze falling first on Ye Yunla’s face and then, little by little, on the two children to her left and right.

Just now in the banquet hall, she had heard many people talking about the two children of the first beauty of Haicheng, which were said to be the seeds of the Chen family in the capital, but this speculation seemed to be a rumour ……

A condensed face of Mrs. Fu suddenly softened a few points when she saw little Yinyin’s pink, soft and sticky face.

Ye Yunla led the two children downstairs and said with a smile, “Mrs. Fu, it’s getting late, I’ll take the children and go back first.”

“This is your one child and one daughter?” Mrs. Fu asked in a slow voice, “How old are they this year?”

After she asked this, she raised her hand to touch little Yinyin’s hair.

The little girl stared in horror as she took a step back and hid behind Ye Yunla.

“Mum, Little Yinyin recognises her baby.” Fu Beijue frowned, “I’ll send them back first.”

He bent down and picked the little girl up, his other hand falsely wrapped around Ye Yunla’s waist, and the group of four headed out the door.

Madam Fu leaned back against the sofa, her brow slightly furrowed.

She looked up at Butler Qiao who was cleaning up the mess at the side, “Old Qiao, come here.”

Butler Qiao put down the work in his hands and walked over and said respectfully, “What are your orders, Madam.”

“These two children from the Ye family, do they often come to the Fu family?” Mrs. Fu asked slowly, “How is Beijue’s attitude towards these two children?”

“During this period of time Miss Ye often comes to the Fu family to cook dinner, Young Master Jing’er and Miss Yinyin only go back after dinner every night, the eldest and youngest young master especially like Miss Yinyin, especially the youngest young master, he can’t wait for Miss Yinyin to be his own sister.” Qiao housekeeper said, smiling with his eyebrows arched, thanks to Miss Yinyin can not speak, otherwise there is no telling how many people will like ……

Mrs. Fu tensed her lips in silence.

She had never seen her son hug little Lingling, but just now, Beijue was hugging someone else’s child ……

Her heart was like a tipped over seasoning bottle, a mixture of flavors ……

Just then, her mobile phone vibrated.

Butler Qiao instinctively swept over and saw a long-lost name flashing on the screen: Nanchuan.

“Madam, I’ll go and get busy first.”

Housekeeper Qiao retreated with good sense.

Mrs. Fu grabbed her phone and got up, stumbling a little as she entered the study.