HC Chapter 344

Was it that he knew something?

Was it that he knew she had lied to him?

What is the consequence of cheating on Fu’s big CEO …… She couldn’t help but shiver viciously.

“Beijue, why are you asking this?” Mrs. Fu couldn’t look away and said coldly, “Isn’t it too out of character for you to ask a girl about this kind of thing?”

“I’m suddenly a bit uncomfortable, can I go up and rest first?” Ye Xue Ying asked with her head lowered.

“Housekeeper Qiao, take Xue’er to the guest room.” Madam Fu ordered indifferently.

Earlier on the road, Housekeeper Qiao knew that Ye Xue Ying would be staying at the Fu family’s house tonight, and had long since had the maids arrange for a room. Hearing this, Housekeeper Qiao picked up Ye Xue Ying’s luggage and took her upstairs.

Only after Ye Xueying entered the room did Mrs. Fu say indifferently, “We haven’t seen mother and son for over a year, sit down and let’s have a good chat.”

Fu Beijiu sat down across the sofa.

“I’ve observed Ye Xueying properly over the past three days, compared to four years ago, her character is much better.” Mrs. Fu took a sip of tea and said, “Although she is still not good enough for you, but, no matter what, she has given birth to two children for the Fu family, you can try to accept her.”

Fu Beijiu’s voice was indifferent to the extreme: “If mother wants to talk to me about this, then there’s nothing to talk about.”

“Are you planning to never take a wife for the rest of your life?” Mrs. Fu frowned, “There is no such tradition in the Fu family, you must marry a woman to come back to take care of the two children and run the family business for you ……”

Fu Beijiu nodded lightly, “I already have someone in mind, mum doesn’t need to persuade me.”

Mrs Fu raised her eyebrows in shock: “You like other women?”


I suppose so.

At least, he had developed a man-to-woman impulse towards Ye Yunla.

Fu Beijiu’s fingers tapped the tabletop, “Yes.”

Madam Fu was even more stunned.

This son of hers had been thin-skinned since he was a child, never putting any woman in his eyes.

Once, the daughter of the Fu family’s long-time friend had confessed her love to him, only to be scared and cry by his all-consuming aura.

At first she was very worried that this son would not be able to marry a wife for the rest of his life, and only after she had two children did her heart drop a little.

Who would have expected that Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling are both more than four years old and Bei Jue still has no intention of starting a family, so she is really a bit anxious and on fire.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have set up Ye Xueying and her own son.

Madam Fu put down her tea: “Whose daughter have you fallen for?”

“At the birthday banquet tomorrow, she will come over to celebrate the birthday, and then mum will know.”

Fu Beijiu pursed his lips.

If he had to marry a woman, Ye Yunla seemed to be the optimal candidate.

If it was Ye Yunla as his wife, he wasn’t repulsed at all, and vaguely, there seemed to be a hint of anticipation.


The Fu family rarely held banquets.

In the past few years, Mrs. Fu’s birthday banquets have been held overseas, and it has been three or four years since anyone from this circle in Haicheng has come to the Fu family villa.

Tonight’s birthday banquet was a small private banquet, and those who could come to the banquet were all friends and relatives of the Fu family, as well as important partners in the business.

Twilight had just fallen when the Fu family had guests at their door.

Ye Xueying accompanied Madam Fu to change her clothes in the dressing room on the first floor.

She had slept overnight at the Fu family and was in particularly good spirits, her eyebrows were all refreshed, and with her pink velvet dress dress, her whole person was glowing ……