HC Chapter 343

Ye Xue Ying’s tears slid down her face.

She covered her lips and said chokingly, “The two children grew up in Fu’s house, and I came here so rarely that it makes sense for them not to be close to me. Auntie, don’t punish little Ling Ling anymore, the more you punish him, the more he and I will be separated …… I’d better go back to the Ye family and come back tomorrow to wish my aunt a happy birthday.”

Mrs. Fu said indifferently, “You stay.”

She would like to see what is going on between little Ling Ling and Ye Xue Ying ……

Ye Xueying hung her head, a winning smile floating at the corner of her mouth.

It had been four years, and she was finally able to spend the night at the Fu family villa, it seemed like she had made the right move ……

Just at this time, the door to the study on the first floor opened.

Fu Beijiu heard the movement and walked down with broad steps: “Mom, what’s going on here?”

His gaze, coldly, swept a glance at Ye Xue Ying.

Mrs Fu looked sideways at Fu Beijiu and said in a faint voice: “What’s wrong with Fu Ziling, has he always been this bad in his attitude towards his own mother?”

Fu Beijiu pursed his lips, “Mom, you should leave this matter alone.”

In the past, when Fu Zi Ling had treated Ye Xue Ying in this manner, he had also intervened.

But then he found that people like Ye Xueying only deserved this kind of attitude.

“Yes, auntie, you should just leave it alone.” Ye Xue Ying forced up a smile, “Little Ling Ling will naturally understand things when she grows up.”

Seeing the two of them agreeing, Mrs. Fu suddenly developed a feeling of a husband and wife following each other.

No matter what, there were children between Bei Jue and Ye Xue Ying, and if they could get married, it would be another degree of fulfillment.

“Bei Jue, after this birthday banquet, I will be entering my 60th year of age, isn’t it time for you to think about your own lifelong matters?” Madam Fu asked lightly.

Fu Beijiu nodded lightly, “Mom, what do you mean?”

“Xue’er has waited for you for four years and has given you two children ……”

As soon as Madam Fu said this, Ye Xue Ying pursed her lips and smiled, these three days of dedication had really paid off.

Madam Fu was on her side, then she was just around the corner to become the young lady of the Fu family ……

However, before Mrs. Fu could finish her words, she was interrupted by Fu Beijue: “Speaking of which, I happen to have something to ask Miss Ye for advice.”

Ye Xueying raised her eyes, revealing the most graceful and decent side of a woman: “Beijue, if you have anything to say, just say it, I know everything and I can say everything.”

“Five years ago, the Emperor Hotel, how did you get into my room?” Fu Beijue stared at her and said word by word, “Also, why did you disappear the next morning?”

Ye Xue Ying’s heart trembled fiercely.

How could she know about something that happened five years ago ……

She also wanted to ask why that b*tch Ye Yunla had appeared in Fu Beijue’s bed that night ……

Under Fu Beijue’s sharp eyes, Ye Xueying did not dare to think at all.

She was afraid that all her thoughts would be punctured ……

“Beijue, I really can’t remember ……” Ye Xueying trembled her lips, “That day my sister’s eighteenth bar mitzvah, I drank a lot of wine, I couldn’t even stand up when I drank, and I wasn’t sure which room I slept in afterwards ……”

Fu Beijue’s eyes sank.

In that video, Ye Xueying’s gait was smooth, and it was completely impossible to see that she had drunk too much ……

This woman was lying.

“Do you still remember how I treated you that night?”

Fu Beijue’s voice was somewhat aggressive.

Instinctively, Ye Xueying took a step back.

In these four years, this man had never mentioned that night, so why was he asking after this now ……