HC Chapter 341

Piano music drifted through the courtyard.

Ye Yunla held Ye Jingzhan’s small hand and said softly, “Every child should have a father in their growing years, look at little Yinyin, after she has a father, she has more smiles on her face than she has in the past four years ……”

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Ye Jingzhan, “So Mommy is with Fu Beijue for me and my sister?”

When Ye Yunla looked at him like this, she knew that the boy was thinking of a dead end again.

She stroked his hair, “No, I think Fu Beijue is really quite a good person, very responsible and caring for the children ……”

Ye Jingzhan sank his eyebrows.

A man who got two women pregnant at the same time can be any kind of responsible person?

How could such a person be worthy of being the father of him and Little Yinyin?

Yet, he had to admit that because of Fu Beijue, his sister’s autism was almost cured ……

“Mommy, I support all your decisions.” Ye Jingzhan said slowly, “I will always stand behind you and support you.”


Nine o’clock at night.

The airport in Haicheng was bustling with people.

Ye Xueying pushed her luggage trolley out, saying as she walked, “Auntie, you haven’t been back to Haicheng for two or three years, have you?”

She sounded very cordial, “These three years have seen a lot of changes in Haicheng, the airport has been rebuilt and is considered one of the most modern airports in the world …… There are also many new places to relax in Haicheng, after the birthday banquet, I will take my aunt out for a stroll ……”

Mrs. Fu nodded: “I will stay in Haicheng for a while longer, so I will trouble you.”

“How could it be troublesome, it’s my pleasure.” Ye Xue Ying smiled decently, a flash of confidence in her eyes.

She had stayed in Australia for three days, accompanying Madam Fu in and out of various occasions, and Madam Fu’s attitude towards her was no longer the cold and distant one she had initially had.

As long as she could gain Madam Fu’s affection, she would have the strength to stand firm in the Fu family.

“Madam, you’ve finally returned, sir and the two young masters have been thinking about you.” Butler Qiao greeted her respectfully, but suddenly froze, “Miss Ye?”

Madam had flown back from Australia, why was she still with Miss Ye?

Ye Xue Ying smiled, “Housekeeper Qiao, you haven’t seen me for a few days, is this because you don’t recognize me?”

“No no.” Housekeeper Qiao hurriedly shook his head, “Miss Ye also flew back from Australia?”

Mrs. Fu said indifferently, “Xue’er went to perform abroad and we happened to meet, so I let her play in Australia for a few days and came back together on the way.”

Housekeeper Qiao’s lowered his eyes, his gaze awed and suspicious.

These few days Miss Ye had not gone to the Fu family, he had thought that Miss Ye had finally settled down, but he had not expected that she had actually gone abroad to bring help.

Previously, the madam was actually very displeased with this Miss Ye, after all, she had given birth to a child before she was married and tried to use the child to marry into the Fu family, this kind of thinking is the most repulsive to the luxury family ……

But then the two young masters grew up and Mr. refused to marry another woman, so Madam had to set up Mr. and Miss Ye ……

Then later, Madam basically stopped returning to China, and the matter was dropped ……

Mrs. Fu and Ye Xueying got into the car, and Butler Qiao drove in front of them, but his mind was up and down.

He heard the young master say that Mr. and Miss Ye Yunla Ye are in love, if this matter is known to the madam, the Fu family is afraid that there will be no peace ……

“Auntie, look over there, it’s the newly built up art museum, it covers nearly 10,000 square feet, it has more than half of the world’s art treasures, next time I’ll take auntie over for a walk ……”