HC Chapter 336

“That thing you said, I’ve thought it over.”

Fu Beijiu was very, very close to her, and as soon as he spoke, she felt the hot breath he exhaled.

She moved uncomfortably to the side, twisted her head, and said in a slow voice: “Then what is the result of Mr. Fu’s consideration?”

“I can be your boyfriend, but-” Fu Beijiu said word for word, “I’m not good at acting, unless you promise to let me be your real boyfriend.”


A real boyfriend?

Ye Yunla directly froze.

She raised her eyes to look at him, “Mr. Fu, there is no need to act, and there is no need for you to do anything, you just need to be my nominal boyfriend and convince the judge ……”

“Do you think the judge is that easy to fool?” Fu Beijue hooked his lips and looked at her, “You need me as a boyfriend to win the custody case, I also need you as a girlfriend to stall my mother, since we have needs for each other, why not try to be real boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Ye Yunla: “……”

With so many women around this man, does she really need her to stall Mrs. Fu?

Moreover, pretending to be a girlfriend can also stall Mrs. Fu, so why must we be real boyfriend and girlfriend?

“If Miss Ye is not willing, then this matter need not be mentioned again.”

Fu Beijiu twisted his head and stared seriously at the recital on the stage.

Ye Yunla, however, could no longer concentrate on the performance because of his words ……

She turned her eyes to look at the side of the man’s face, the dim light blurred his sharp outline and gave him an extra touch of softness.

“Mr. Fu.”

As soon as her voice came out, Fu Beijue turned his face and quietly waited for her to say the following words.

Ye Yunla pursed her scarlet lips, “I promise you, however, we have to make a deal-”

Before she could finish her words, Fu Beijue spoke, “No need for a treaty, don’t worry, I won’t do anything over the line with you unless I need to play favorites in front of my mother.”

Looking at his bright and open-minded look, Ye Yunla was convinced.

She nodded her head, “Then, from now on, we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”

As long as she can have enough reasons to go in and out of the Fu family villa, that’s enough.

As for boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s just a matter of minutes if you want to break up, there’s no need for her to have any psychological burden ……

Ye Yunla quickly convinced herself in her heart, and then continued to watch the show.

The corners of Fu Beijue’s lips slowly hooked up, and the curved arc showed his inner pleasure at this moment ……

Two hours later, the piano recital finally ended.

A line of six people walked out of the concert hall.

“Wow, the concert was so good!” Fu Zi Ling held little Yinyin’s hand and chattered, “Yinyin sister, wherever you go to concerts in the future, make sure you take me with you, I think I also have the potential to be a musician.”

Fu Ziyan faintly sneered, “You don’t even know the music, sure you can be a musician?”

“Slightly, slightly, slightly, you care!” Fu Ziling made a face at him, “Yinyin sister will teach me to learn piano, you just envy jealous!”

Fu Ziyan pursed his lips.

Looking at Fu Ziling, this unreliable guy and little Yinyin so close, he is not generally jealous of envy.

But his character, can’t do this kind of shy face to the little yin yin side of the behavior, so can only hold a fire ……

Ye Yunla curved lips smile up, she was about to speak, suddenly, a large grasp took her hand ……

The man’s coarse palm and the hot heat in his palm made her startled and instinctively had to pull her hand out.

But Fu Beijue’s strength is too great, she broke free twice, but did not succeed in pulling out.

She turned her head, a pair of cold eyes glared round, stared at Fu Beiji, lowered her voice and said: “You, loose, hand.”

Fu Beijiu and her fingers intertwined, faintly said: “This is the girlfriend should fulfill the obligation.”