HC Chapter 335

Fu Beijiu stared at Ye Yunla’s delicate face, and his throat knot rolled uncontrollably.

“Mr. Fu, give way to your leg, my water cup is on your left ……”

Ye Yunla bent down under the chair and patted his leg with her hand.

All the nerves in Fu Beijiu’s whole body suddenly tensed up.

This woman obviously just touched his trouser leg, but his belly, inexplicably angry a dry heat.

He thought of that day on the cruise ship, her flushed face, plump curves, tempting whisper …… There was also a hint of fragrance, if any.

He leaned down uncontrollably and took a hard sniff at the back of her neck.

Still the same scent, exactly the same as the one from five years ago ……

The person he spent the night with that day, how could it not be her ……

“Mr. Fu, please give way ……”

Ye Yunla spoke again and reminded.

Fu Beijiu woke up again.

He reacted violently to what he was just doing ……

Isn’t this what Sun Yan likes to do, is he possessed by Sun Yan?

He glanced at the few children on the side, the children were listening to the piano music carefully, and did not notice the movement on their side.

He took a slow breath and said in a low voice, “Let me help you pick it up.”

He bent down and touched it on his left side, but felt a soft hand.

Before he could react, the hand shrank back as if it was electrocuted ……

Ye Yunla fiercely retracted her hand.

She raised her head slightly and met with Fu Beijiu’s eyes.

Both of them were bent over, in a position where the back of the chair was leaning down, and in such a cramped space, such a stare-down seemed extremely ambiguous.

Ye Yunla’s heart suddenly jumped uncontrollably and wildly.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, but the tip of her nose, but suddenly smelled a familiar smell ……

It’s the smell of that man from that night five years ago!

That man, was Fu Beijue!

Ye Yunla’s eyelashes suddenly trembled violently, such dim light, making her feel as if she was in five years ago ……

The man pounced like a hungry wolf, recklessly tearing her clothes, no matter how she begged and cried, he did not stop ……

Finally, she was torn in half and thrown on the hotel bed like a broken doll ……

“Your water cup.”

Fu Beijue picked up the water cup and handed it to Ye Yunla’s arms.

He stared at Ye Yunla’s trembling feathered eyelashes, his eyebrows frowning slightly, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Yunla stuffed the water cup into her bag, her voice extremely low: “I’m fine ……”

Fu Beijue continued to stare at her.

He clearly saw panic and fear in her eyes ……

Exactly the same as that night on the cruise ……

Does he scare her that much?

If so, then why did she offer to let him be her boyfriend?

At this time the piano recital reached its climax, a dozen pianists played a famous symphony, the music was exciting and uplifting ……

Ye Yunla’s inner emotions had gradually dissipated, and she was completely immersed in the sound of the music.

Just then, a man’s cold, deep voice rang in her ears.