HC Chapter 333

Ye Yunla jerked her head around.

She looked in the direction of Little Yinyin incredulously, her voice with a slight tremor: “Little Yinyin, what did you just say?”

She only heard Little Yinyin shout twice for daddy, other than that, no other sound was made ……

She consulted a psychiatrist, who said this kind of thing should be done slowly and not in a hurry ……

She also always acted like she didn’t care, but in fact, no one wanted to hear Yinyin speak more than she did ……

In addition to daddy, she finally heard another voice.

Ye Yunla squatted down, placed her hands on the little girl’s shoulders, and slowly said, “What did you just say, say it again.”

The little girl C*cked her head and blinked her big eyes, but didn’t speak again.

“Aunt Yunla, sister Yinyin said, let you and my daddy kiss one!” Fu Ziling came over and said excitedly, “Sister Yinyin can hardly speak for once, Auntie Yunla hurry up and give my daddy a kiss, hurry up!”

“Fu Ziling!”

Ye Jingzhan’s eyebrows knitted together and he went forward to pull Fu Ziling away.

Fu Ziling was a little afraid of Ye Jingzhan’s cold eyes, so she beamed and hid behind Fu Ziyan.

Ye Yunla didn’t hear Fu Ziling’s words, because all her mind was on little Yinyin.

The little girl C*cked her head, her pink lips opened, and finally let out a short syllable: “Mommy ……”

When these two words came clearly into her eardrums, Ye Yunla’s eyes suddenly turned red.

For more than four years, more than a thousand days and nights, she finally, personally heard her daughter call herself a mommy ……

The psychologist had said that it might be necessary to wait until little Yinyin was an adult to hear her call out to her mother, but now it has been brought forward by more than ten years, she should be happy, not in tears ……

“Little Yinyin, so good ……”

Ye Yunla hugged her soft daughters, crystal tears falling down in bunches.

“Mommy ……” The little girl shouted again, raised her hand to wipe away her tears, then intermittently continued, “How come Mommy doesn’t kiss one with Daddy?”

Ye Yunla: “……”

The daughter she gave birth to in her eighth month of pregnancy called her mommy for the first time, just so she could give a kiss to another man?

Ye Jingzhan: “……”

The sister can say such a long list of words, how come she doesn’t call him a brother?

Fu Ziling clapped his hands and cheered: “One kiss! Quickly kiss one!”

“Okay, the recital is about to start.” Fu Beijiu spoke indifferently, “Fu Ziling, if you make any more noise, I’ll have housekeeper Qiao come and pick you up.”

Fu Ziling: “……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

However, in the end, he was afraid of his own daddy’s cold gaze, so he obediently shut his mouth and didn’t speak again.

Ye Yunla wiped away her tears, bent down to pick up little Yinyin, and a group of six people walked towards the concert hall.

As soon as they appeared in the concert hall, they attracted the attention of countless people.

“Wow, they are actually quadruplets, the genes of this family are too strong.”

“The boy looks like his father and the girl looks like her mommy, this family of six is so happy.”

“This man is really handsome ah, the result of the children are so big, did not expect the handsome man married so early!”

“If I were ten years younger, I could just give the handsome man as a daughter-in-law, hahaha ……”

“Old cow eat young gra*s, you want to shame ……”