HC Chapter 331


A message came in on Fu Beijue’s phone, a system alert that someone had sent an email.

He directly opened the computer, downloaded the attachment, and soon, there was an additional surveillance video in the hard drive.

This is five years ago the Emperor Hotel on the eighteenth floor of the corridor of a surveillance, video content after compression, only about ten minutes.

The light in the corridor is dim, there have been waiters back and forth, until one o’clock in the morning, the corridor only appeared the figures of two women.

Although the light was blurred, Fu Beijiu recognized them as Ye Yunla and Ye Xueying.

Ye Yunla was obviously drunk, and Ye Xueying held her as she walked down the corridor, then stopped at the door of a room.

The door of the room was pushed open, and Ye Xueying helped Ye Yunla to walk in.

The video came to a sudden and abrupt stop here.

Fu Beijiu’s eyes narrowed as he made another phone call.

Sun Yan seemed to be done, his voice was a hint of laziness: “What’s wrong again?”

“The surveillance video stays at two o’clock in the morning, what about the content behind it?”

“Oh, I remember, my assistant said the hard disk capacity is limited, the daily video surveillance only saved the first half of the night, the rest has been automatically formatted.”

Fu Beijue’s eyebrows sank: “It is completely impossible to retrieve?”

“The new surveillance video directly occupies the previous video memory, even the top hacking experts are impossible to retrieve.” Sun Yan yawned, “I say Beijue, what do you want to find five years ago surveillance in the end? You have been on your own who do not know? If you really do not know, then on a few more women to recall, to ensure that you immediately think of ……”

Fu Beijue hung up the phone.

He leaned back in his chair, his gaze resting on the picture on the computer screen.

The screen was fixed, Ye Yunla and Ye Xueying were standing at the door of a room, and the door number of this room was not visible.

He no longer remembered what happened that night five years ago, but his intuition told him that something seemed wrong ……

The woman that night, was it really Ye Xueying?

See Ye Xueying and the children had a paternity test, which means that Ye Xueying is indeed the mother of two children.

In his life, he also had a relationship with a woman that night in a confused way, who else could there be but Ye Xueying?

He should not have some kind of fantasy.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.



The weather was bright and the late autumn breeze carried a hint of warmth.

Ye Yunla drove the children to the largest music concert hall in Haicheng, she just led the children to get off, a black car drove over.

Before the car stopped, Fu Ziling jumped out of the car, “Auntie Yunla, you look so beautiful today!”

He jumped into Ye Yunla’s arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek, then took out a small doll from his arms and handed it to little Yinyin: “Yinyin sister, this is a doll I carved with my own hands, it’s carved just like you, how is it?”

“So you are secretly carving this thing at night, very ugly.” Fu Ziyan walked over and said unsavouryly.

“Where’s ugly!” Fu Ziling said unconvincingly, “This nose, this mouth, these eyes, exactly the same as Yinyin sister, you say I carved ugly, that means Yinyin sister looks ugly!”

“My sister is not that ugly.” Ye Jingzhan faintly said, “I might believe you when you say that the carving is your own.”

Fu Ziling flattened her mouth in hurt, “Sister Yinyin, do you think this person idolizes you, or does it look like me?”

The little girl blinked, stretched out her chubby finger and poked Fu Ziling in the shoulder.