HC Chapter 324

Fu Beijiu did not expect her to agree so easily, the corners of his mouth slightly hooked up: “Good.”

Fu Ziyan, who was sitting in the back seat, asked, “Daddy, are we going to pick up Little Yinyin from kindergarten?”

“Well, to pick up Little Yinyin and Ye Jingzhan.” Fu Beijiu turned his head sideways, “If you don’t want to go, you can always get off.”

Fu Ziyan: “……”

Where did he show that he didn’t want to go?

“I’m done with the company, so let’s go.” Fu Ziyan said in a sullen voice.

The car slowly drove out, Fu Ziyan twisted his head and looked out the window at the speeding scenery, the dullness in his heart was getting thicker and thicker.

He does not know what emotions he is in at the moment, is very annoying ……

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of the kindergarten.

At this time there are five minutes before the kindergarten is dismissed.

Yu Jiao hung up the phone, walked to Ye Jingzhan, said with a smile: “Ye Jingzhan child, your mommy just called me, said she was a little delayed tonight, did not have time to come to pick you and little yin yin.”

Ye Jingzhan said good-naturedly, “It’s okay, my sister and I can take the car back by ourselves.”

Yu Jiao snorted and laughed, “Little Ye Jingzhan, you’re really like a little adult. Although you are smart and know how to behave, but your mommy does not feel comfortable to let you two siblings go back alone in the car, so she specially asked an uncle named Fu to pick you up!”

Ye Jingzhan froze for a moment: “Uncle Fu?”

“Yes, it is your Uncle Fu, last time it seems to have come to the kindergarten ……” Yu Jiao’s face reddened slightly.

Last time when Chen Tianqian posed as Ye Jingzhan and Little Yinyin’s father, it was this Mr. Fu who blew Chen Tianqian away with his lawyer.

That Mr. Fu, that facial features look, simply unforgettable ……

I wonder what the relationship between the two little ones and that Mr. Fu is ……

“Bell bell bell–”

The school bell rang, Yu Jiao led all the children to the kindergarten entrance.

Just go out, everyone saw a large and a small two figures standing in front of the kindergarten.

Fu Beijue was in a black suit, black from head to toe, and the orange glow of the setting sun fell on his body, scattering some of the coldness all over his body. His hawkish eyes, upright nose, stunning thin lips, softened a lot under the sunset glow.

The person beside him, Fu Ziyan, is also in a black suit, and the coldness in his eyebrows and eyes is the same as Fu Beijiu.

The children in the kindergarten looked over and were all stunned.

“Wow, that uncle and Ye Jingzhan look like oh.”

“Ye Jingzhan, that’s your dad, right? Your dad looks so handsome!”

“Wow, Ye Jingzhan, is that little boy your brother, he looks exactly like you!”

The children exclaimed in awe.

Yu Jiao swept a glance, and realized with hindsight that Ye Jingzhan and the father and son really look alike ……

If people who don’t know each other look at it, they might really think it’s a family.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The little girl, who has always been subtle and introverted, suddenly hugged Fu Beijue’s neck and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

Then shyly buried his head into his chest.

Fu Beijiu’s body shuddered, his heart suddenly surged up with unprecedented satisfaction ……

Ye Jingzhan watched this scene from afar, turned back to the teacher and cla*smates to say goodbye, and only then slowly walked to the front of Fu Beijiu.