HC Chapter 320

Grateful that two sons are still alive.

…… Surprised to be alive, thankful to be alive ……

This is God’s gift to her, right ……

“Auntie Yunara, what’s wrong with you ……”

Fu Ziling was a little breathless from Ye Yunla’s hug, but he didn’t dare to say anything, he was afraid that such an embrace would pass in a flash.

But the next second, he felt a string of hot tears fall on his cheeks.

He lifted his head and saw that Ye Yunla’s eyes were full of crystals and her tears were falling down uncontrollably.

He was instantly frightened, “Aunty Yunara, what’s wrong with you, did I do something wrong again? I’m sorry Aunty Yunara, I won’t dare to be so reckless again ……”

He hurriedly withdrew from Ye Yunara’s embrace ……

Ye Yunla’s heart ached again.

These days, she deliberately did not come to Fu’s house, deliberately ignored Fu Ziling, how sad and upset this child should be ……

This is her son, not Ye Xueying’s son!

How could she punish her own precious son, she owed them too much!

“Little Ling Ling, you’re not wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong!” Ye Yunla pulled her over and continued to hold her in her arms as she rubbed her chin through Fu Ziling’s hair, “I’m sorry little Ling Ling, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have ignored you for so many days, from today onwards, I will come to Fu’s house every day and cook for you, I will cook you whatever you want to eat ……”

Fu Ziling’s eyes widened in a daze, “Really? Auntie Yunla, you’re not lying to me?”

“Don’t call me Auntie Yunara, you should call me ……”

Ye Yunla didn’t finish a sentence before it got stuck in her throat.

“What should I call you?” Fu Ziling asked afterwards with a crooked head.

“Call me Auntie for now.” A faint bitterness flooded the tip of Ye Yunla’s tongue.

If all the things from five years ago were told, Jing’er and Little Yinyin wouldn’t be able to hide, and Fu Beijue would definitely take away the custody of the two children.

She did not dare to gamble on such a big bet.

As long as the two children are still alive and well, as long as she can watch the two children live happily and joyfully, it will be enough ……

“Aunty Yunara, are you really alright?”

Fu Ziling asked with a slightly worried gaze.

“I’m fine ……” Ye Yunla wiped the tears from her eyes and curled her lips to smile, “I’m just …… too happy, I don’t know what to say.”

Fu Ziling still didn’t understand what it meant to cry with joy.

He lifted his fleshy little hand and helped Ye Yunla wipe away the tears from both cheeks.

Ye Yunla said gently, “Little Ling Ling, can I see your photos from childhood to adulthood?”

Fu Ziling nodded vigorously, “Yes, I’ll go and get them now.”

He jumped off the sofa and stomped upstairs.

In a short while, he came downstairs with several thick photo albums in his arms.

Ye Yunla flipped through the photos of the centenary party, two little ones lying in their cradles, their big, dark eyes open.

One was lying obediently, like a little adult, his features were like those of Fu Beijiu, and he could tell at a glance that he was Fu Ziyan.

The other one had unsteady hands and feet, and his eyes were looking around.

“Little Ling Ling, this should be you.” Ye Yunla smiled, “You were so naughty when you were little.”

She turned the album to the next page when her finger suddenly stopped.

This page was a ‘family photo’.

Fu Beijue and Ye Xueying were standing side by side, each holding a child in their arms.

The four of them were in the same frame, a standard family photo of a four-member family.

Ye Yunla’s fingertips paused slightly as she slowly asked, “Is Ye Xueying good to you and Fu Ziyan?”

“I don’t know if she treats us well, I don’t like her anyway.” Fu Zi Ling beamed, “Auntie Yunla, although Ye Xue Ying is my mother, I like you more and I want to call you mummy more ……”