HC Chapter 319

Eight o’clock in the morning.

After dropping the child off at the kindergarten, Ye Yunla drove straight to the Fu family.

She sat in the car and only after seeing that there was no Fu Beijue’s car in the villa courtyard did she push open the door and walk down.

The courtyard was empty in the early morning, not even a single servant could be seen.

Ye Yunla stood outside the fence and rang the doorbell.

“Miss Ye, what brings you here, hurry in ……”

Housekeeper Qiao came over to open the door and was surprised to see her standing outside the door.

Last night the two young masters had a big fight and the atmosphere in the house was low to the extreme.

Today Miss Ye came over, the young master would be especially happy ……

Housekeeper Qiao ordered the servants to serve tea to Ye Yunla and said with a smile, “The young master is still lazing in bed and hasn’t gotten up, I’ll go and call the young master to get up and go downstairs.”

Ye Yunla didn’t say anything and sat in the living room quietly drinking tea.

“What? Auntie Yunara is here? Grandpa Qiao, you’re not lying to me, are you!”

Upstairs, came a surprised voice, the little milk voice of a freshly woken up person was a little husky and soft, like soft candyfloss.

The corners of Ye Yunla’s lips slowly curved up into a gentle curve.

She raised her head to look over and saw Fu Ziling’s bare feet on the floor of the stairs, stomping down.

“Slow down, don’t fall.” Ye Yunla hurriedly got up and walked over, “Why don’t you even wear slippers, the floor is so cold.”

Fu Ziling blinked, then pinched himself hard, he grimaced in pain, but cheered happily, “Wow! I didn’t dream it! Auntie Yunla has really come to see me! Wow! I’m so happy!”

He flew into Ye Yunla’s arms.

Ye Yunla’s heart had never been so soft as it was at this moment.

Her hands, slowly brushed over Fu Ziling’s eyebrows, over his eyes, and over his lips ……

Why had she never realized that this face was five or six times similar to Little Yinyin’s?

“Auntie Yunara ……”

Fu Ziling tilted his head and looked at Ye Yunara, his voice soft and clinging.

Ye Yunla looked at him gently and asked in a slow voice, “Little Ling Ling, can I ask you when your birthday is?”

“I don’t remember yeah ……” Fu Ziling C*cked his little head, “Grandpa Qiao said that once summer arrives, my birthday will be here, Auntie Yunla, are you trying to celebrate my birthday?”

Housekeeper Qiao came over with a smile, “The young master’s birthday is on May 20th, which happens to be early summer.”

The twentieth of May.

Ye Yunla squeezed her fingers fiercely.

Jing’er and Little Yinyin’s birthday was also on the twentieth of May.

That night, she gave birth with difficulty in the warehouse, while Ye Xueying stood outside watching indifferently ……

There was no way Ye Xueying had ever given birth!

Even though she had guessed the truth a long time ago, she still found it unbelievable when the results were laid out in front of her.

Who would have thought that a child who died at birth would become a tool for Ye Xueying’s delusional attempt to marry into the Fu family ……

“Little Ling Ling ……”

Ye Yunla hugged him into her arms, her eyes suddenly red.

Her child, the child she thought had died prematurely, turned out not to be dead ……

It turned out that those two children, had been alive and well ……

The hatred that was buried in my heart dissipated at this moment.

Ye Xueying was evil-minded, but at least she saved the two children and sent them to the Fu family, to their real father ……

Her two sons, both so excellent ……

She doesn’t hate anymore.

She should be grateful.