HC Chapter 314

After that night five years ago, he had never had such a dream.

The face of the woman who was in his bed just now in the dream was actually Ye Yunla.

He actually dreamed that he and Ye Yunla were tossing and turning in the big hotel bed ……

The first thing you need to do is get up and go into the bathroom and wash your face with cold water.

After he was slightly more awake, he suddenly thought of the familiar scent of Ye Yunla’s body ……

Five years ago, the woman he had a night with also had the same scent ……

Ye Yunla and Ye Xueying are sisters, but they are not sisters of the same mother, their scent should be different ……

Could it be that ……

An unthinkable thought came up from Fu Beijue’s mind.

After this thought came up, it could no longer be suppressed.

Five years ago, Ye Yunla’s 18th Bar Mitzvah, which day was it, it seemed to be that summer night too ……

The first thing you need to do is to search for the news.

The news about the first beauty of Haicheng is endless on the internet, and the aromatic photos from five years ago are still hanging on some websites.

Fu Beijiu quickly browsed through all the relevant news, and the incredulity on his face grew thicker and thicker ……

He dialed out a phone.

The phone rang for a long time before it was answered, and an angry voice came from the other end: “Fu Beijue, what time is it, calling me in the middle of the night, if there is nothing serious, I will rush to your house tomorrow to find you in trouble!”

“Sun Yan, do you still remember what happened that day five years ago?”

“What five years ago?” Sun Yan cursed and got up, “D*mn, 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, don’t let people sleep ……”

“Five years ago you deliberately got me drunk and then sent a woman into my room, do you remember who it was?”

“No …… Why are you asking me about this? The girl child has given you two babies and you still don’t know who she is? Speaking of which, I don’t even know who that woman was back then, you hid the identity of Fu Ziyin Fu Ziling’s real mother too tightly, I, as a brother, was kept in the dark ……”

Fu Beijue pinched his brow.

It seems that this guy Sun Yan also does not know who that woman was back then ……

That face in the dream was exactly the same as Ye Yunara.

But Ye Yunla and Ye Xueying were sisters, so there was indeed a slight resemblance again ……

It was hard to believe that he was overthinking it?

Fu Beijiu said in a slow voice: “Your Sun’s Group is the major shareholder of the Emperor Hotel, can you help me get the surveillance video from five years ago?”

“What do you want this for?”

“Just say if you can get it.”

“Can I.” Sun Yan yawned, “I’ll go back to the hotel and ask the staff ……”

After the phone hung up, Fu Beijiu lifted his steps and walked to the balcony.

That night five years ago, he and a few of Sun Yan’s brothers were drinking at the clubhouse opposite the Emperor Hotel.

Meanwhile, Ye Yunla’s 18th Bar Mitzvah was being held in the lobby of the Emperor Hotel ……

After he got drunk, Sun Yan slipped a woman into his room.

And the next day, Ye Yunla was photographed by reporters having a night out with a wild man ……

Same night, same hotel, can there really be such a coincidence?


It was slightly dawn.

Ye Yunla opened her eyes with difficulty.

She had actually dreamt of that night five years ago last night, another night of being haunted by nightmares.

She used a thick concealer to cover up the dark bruises under her eyelids, brushed her teeth and washed her face as she should, and then sent her two children to kindergarten.

She had just seen the children into the nursery when her mobile phone vibrated.