HC Chapter 306

“Because Ye Xueying is Fu Ziling and Fu Ziyan’s mother, so Mummy, you won’t even go to the Fu family in the future?”

Ye Jingzhan lifted his black eyes and asked seriously.

Ye Yunla pursed her lips, “I can’t do it calmly with Ye Xueying’s sons, it’s better for everyone if I don’t go.”

“They’re Uncle Fu’s sons too.” Ye Jingzhan continued, “Uncle Fu should still be rather special to Mummy, right?”

Ye Yunla’s heart suddenly stuttered.

She took a deep breath and then said flatly, “There’s nothing special about it, he’s just a partner.”

Ye Jingzhan’s mobile phone suddenly vibrated in his pocket.

He wiped his hands and tapped it open, it was someone sending an email over – ‘Paternity Test Report’.

His eyes flinched as he opened the email, his dark gaze falling on the last line of text.

Although it was an expected result, he still found it hard to believe ……

He turned the phone screen off and looked up to ask, “My sister has called Uncle Fu daddy several times, has Mommy ever thought of getting together with Uncle Fu and letting my sister call Uncle Fu daddy in name only?”

Ye Yunla looked at him incredulously, “Jing’er, how could you have such an idea?”

She might, might, might have had a slight crush on Fu Beijue, but not enough to give birth to the idea of finding a daddy for her two children.

“Jing’er, I didn’t think of finding a stepfather for you guys, never.” Ye Yunla stressed, “Yinyin is too young, hasn’t had much exposure to the world, she doesn’t understand what daddy means yet, I’ll correct her slowly and little by little.”

Ye Jingzhan squeezed his phone tighter, “And what if my sister and I’s real father comes to our door?”

Ye Yunla’s heart stuttered.

She had hidden the matter of Chen Tianqian so tightly, and it had been resolved in a few hours after the news had come out that day, so it was logical that Jing’er shouldn’t know.

But if Jing’er was asking this, she must have heard something.

She said in a decisive tone: “It’s no use him coming to the door, I have no intention of staying with your real father unless …… You and little Yinyin really want a father ……”

If the children wanted to identify with their real father, it seemed …… It was useless to stop it.

Ye Jingzhan pursed his lips, “If …… Fu Beijue is our real father?”

Ye Yunla let out a sigh of relief.

The fact that Jing’er said this was proof enough that the boy still didn’t know about Chen Tianqian’s existence.

She walked over, stroked her son’s soft hair and said softly, “He can’t be your father, and even if he is, there can’t be anything between me and him.”

The bottom of Ye Jingzhan’s eyes were inky.

Should I tell Mummy about this matter or not?

But if I told mommy, what would it change?

It would only add to mommy’s worries, right?

This night, Ye Yunla did not sleep well again.

The next day after work, she took the children straight home to make dinner and did not go to Fu’s house.

After the meal was ready, she called a rider online and had the rider deliver the insulated box with the meal to Fu’s house.

Since she had promised to make dinner for Fu Ziling, she couldn’t back out, and it wasn’t her style to do things halfway.

When the rider delivered the thermos box to Fu’s house, Fu Ziling was sitting on the swing in the courtyard, his two eyes looking at the panoramic road, the light in his eyes extinguishing a little as time passed ……