HC Chapter 301

Housekeeper Qiao opened his mouth several times, not knowing how to answer.

Ye Yunla said as she washed the vegetables, “Ye Xueying is his real mother, it’s not good for him to do this and for word to get out.”

“Ai, the young master is still young and doesn’t understand what his real mother means.” Housekeeper Qiao explained, “From the time the young master understood, he had rejected Miss Ye very much and had never called out to Miss Ye as his mother. But the eldest young master has never called out to Miss Ye’s mother either, he usually calls out to his mother, which sounds strangely rusty ……”

Ye Yunla lowered her eyes and said, “Fu Ziyan is a man of restraint and propriety, he is willing to call out for a mother, that means he approves of Ye Xueying.”

“The eldest young master is indeed good to Miss Ye as a mother, he prepares all kinds of gifts for Miss Ye every year, there is a room on the first floor of the Fu family filled with Miss Ye’s clothes, bags and shoes, all bought back by the eldest young master.” Speaking of this, housekeeper Qiao sighed again, “But last time Miss Ye angered sir and everything in that room was thrown out ……”

“Mister doesn’t like Miss Ye, and the young master rejects Miss Ye, but the youngest has always respected Miss Ye as a mother. Although Miss Ye is not allowed to come to the Fu family anymore, the eldest young master has been keeping an eye on Miss Ye’s news, and it was the eldest young master who arranged for Miss Ye to go abroad for the piano tour this time ……”

Butler Qiao was older and talked more, casually talking about some of the things Fu Ziyan had done to Ye Xueying.

The corners of Ye Yunla’s lips slowly floated up with a sneer.

Fu Ziyan did care about Ye Xueying as a mother ……

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have deliberately set a trap waiting for her to get into it.

Fu Ziyan had gone to great lengths to deal with her, so would he turn the spearhead on Jing’er and little Yinyin?

Ye Yunla pursed her lips and paused in her hand chopping vegetables.

Cooking was the easiest thing for her to do, but now, she was a little unable to do it.

Just then, a car drove in outside the house, and Housekeeper Qiao’s eyebrows stretched, “It’s Sir who’s back.”

His old man waved to the few other cooks in the kitchen, “You all go and work on something else.”

It was better to leave the kitchen space to Mr. and Miss Ye.

He could see that Mister treated Miss Ye very uncommonly ……

This was the first time he had seen Mr. show great interest and patience with a woman ……

Ye Yunla slowly chopped vegetables, and not long after, she heard the sound of leather shoes buckling on the floor, it was Fu Beijiu entering.

She lowered her eyebrows and continued to work on the task at hand.

“I’ll chop the vegetables.”

Fu Beiji walked over and took the kitchen knife from her hand.

“Do you call dicing potatoes when they are cut like this?”

He asked in a low voice, his pair of black eyes falling on Ye Yunla’s face as he spoke.

Ye Yunla lifted her eyes to look at the man in front of her.

He was wearing a black business suit with an aura spreading over his body, such a man would actually be cooking in the kitchen.

Before this, he should have never entered the kitchen before.

So, who was he going into the kitchen for?

For Fu Ziling?

For Little Yinyin?

Or, for …… For her?

Ye Yunla pushed down the emotions that had inexplicably risen in her heart and said indifferently, “I was just chatting with housekeeper Qiao.”

Fu Beijiu’s thin lips curved up into a slight arc: “Talking about what?”

“About Fu Ziling and Fu Ziyan’s mother.”

Duke Fu Bei’s fingers snapped.

The three day deadline had not yet arrived, and he had planned to tell her about it tonight or tomorrow.

But now …… she seemed to already know?

Fu Beijue put down the chopper.