HC Chapter 300

There were two children on the painting, a little girl in a pink dress and a boy in a denim outfit.

As soon as she looked at the painting, Ye Yunla knew that the people on the painting were Little Yinyin and Fu Ziling ……

“This is a gift that my sister is going to give to Fu Ziling.”

Ye Jingzhan explained lightly from the side.

His face was calm, but inside he was very up and down.

He and his sister had grown up together, and his sister had never given him a gift before, so he didn’t expect that that guy Fu Ziling would actually receive a painting painted by his sister’s hand.

Ye Yunla’s face was also a little complicated.

If she had known that Fu Ziling was Ye Xueying’s son, she would never have let little Yinyin and Fu Ziling get so close ……

But the two children had already accepted each other, so if she forced to break this friendship, she would definitely make Little Yinyin hurt ……

“Little Ling Ling will be very happy to receive your gift.”

Ye Yunla said slowly.

She started the engine and the car drove towards the Fu family villa.

No matter what grudges the adults had against each other, the children were innocent.

Little Ling Ling loved her so much, loved little Yinyin so much, she couldn’t reject a child because of Ye Xue Ying ……

The car drove slowly on the main road and not long after, it stopped at the entrance of the Fu family villa.

Fu Ziling rushed out of the villa like a cheerful bird.

“Auntie Yunla, I missed you so much! Wow! Sister Yinyin, is that me painted on this picture, did you paint it yourself? Wow! I love it so much! I’m so happy! I can’t believe I’ve received a gift from Yinyin!”

Fu Ziling held the painting and cheered.

The little girl looked at him quietly, a few faint smiles floating around her eyebrows.

The little autistic girl, who was mute, non-verbal and emotionless, was finally slowly opening her tightly closed heart.

Ye Jingzhan walked into the villa, holding his sister’s hand.

Fu Ziling ran over after him, “Little sister Yinyin, I’ve prepared a present for you too, come upstairs with me!”

Little Yinyin obediently followed him upstairs.

Ye Jingzhan was inexplicably a little jealous.

He pursed his lips and also followed him upstairs.

Ye Yunla changed her shoes and went into the kitchen to cook.

When she cooked two days ago, she was in a relaxed and happy mood, but today she was extraordinarily low.

A depressed aura, if any, enveloped her.

“Miss Ye, this is the dumpling that the young master specially instructed me to buy back, he said you like it, it will be brought to the table later.” Housekeeper Qiao walked into the kitchen and brought out the soup dumplings from the fridge for Ye Yunla to see, “The young master has always been big-hearted, but he is only extra careful when it comes to Miss Ye and Miss Yinyin ……”

Ye Yunla’s hand washing the vegetables paused, “Housekeeper Qiao, may I take the liberty of asking a question?”

Butler Qiao nodded with a smile, “Miss Ye, feel free to ask, there’s nothing I don’t know about the young master’s affairs.”

He thought Ye Yunla was asking about Fu Ziling’s dietary preferences ……

“Can I ask why little Ling Ling dislikes Ye Xue Ying so much?” Ye Yunla lowered her eyebrows and asked, “I heard Little Ling Ling call Ye Xue Ying a bad witch several times, and forbade Ye Xue Ying from ever setting foot in the Fu family again, why exactly is that?”

“This, this ……”

Butler Qiao scratched his chin.

He also wanted to know why the young master rejected Ye Xueying so much, but the young master never said why ……