HC Chapter 296

The woman’s soft fragrance suddenly withdrew, and Fu Beijiu suddenly felt an empty space in his arms, disappointed.

He lifted his hand and said faintly, “It’s not on your hand yet.”

He lifted his right hand up.

Ye Yunla lowered her eyelids, “Mr. Fu had better apply it himself, I still have to prepare dishes and cook ……”

She turned her face away in a panic and picked up a kitchen knife to chop vegetables haphazardly.

Looking at her like this, Fu Beijue suddenly curved his lips and let out a low laugh.

This woman, always cool and silent, had a mature and unapproachable soul living in her bones.

This was the first time he had seen her like a young girl, flustered and with nowhere to go ……

The sound of his laugh clearly reached Ye Yunla’s ears.

It was clear that the kitchen hood was so loud, and it was clear that she was chopping vegetables hard, so how could she hear such a slight laugh?

Ye Yunla was a little chagrined by her own lapse of temper.

She pushed down the inexplicable emotions that were welling up in her heart and said in a feigned calm, “Mr. Fu, thank you for introducing me to Barrister Lai, he’s really great.”

After she changed the subject, a flustered heart finally returned to calm.

“I’ve seen the video of Barrister Lai on the show before, he was very good on TV, I always thought it was the effect of the show, until after I talked to Barrister Lai in person, I realised he was much more powerful than what he showed on TV ……”

Fu Beijiu’s brow slowly furrowed.

A woman kept praising another man in front of him for being great, how was this feeling, so uncomfortable?

He said coldly, “Li Snap is only good at talking, otherwise, tsk.”

Anyone could hear the hidden sarcasm in these words.

Ye Yunla swept a glance at him, “Aren’t Mr. Fu and Lawyer Li alumni, why do I get the feeling that Mr. Fu has a strong opinion of Lawyer Li?”

“Back then, when he was studying abroad, he had the cheek to stay at my house for two years, and he couldn’t even be driven away.” Fu Beijiu said as he coldly pulled his lips.

He wasn’t one to talk about others behind their backs at all, but as soon as he thought of Ye Yunla saying that Li Snap was great, he couldn’t help but tear down the stage.

He felt childish, yet he couldn’t control his childish behaviour.

Ye Yunla had read the news about Li Snap, she said while chopping vegetables, “A great man can bend and stretch, when Barrister Li was still a student, he was able to tongue down and seek a residence, no wonder he was able to achieve so much after graduation ……”

Fu Beijiu: “……”

Shouldn’t this woman be complimenting him for taking in Primrose Lai for two years?

What the hell is a great man who can bend and stretch?

“Mr. Fu move over, I’m going to fry the food before the oil splashes on you.”

Ye Yunla faintly gave the expulsion order.

Fu Beijiu pursed his absolutely beautiful thin lips and took a few steps back.

When the oil was added to the pot, there was a splash of oil and Fu Beijue instinctively tried to get in front of Ye Yunla.

The woman continued to put onions, ginger and garlic into the pot as if nothing had happened, and the oil splashed everywhere, but she managed to avoid it all perfectly ……

The woman’s body is still the same as when she first entered the kitchen.

And she was still exactly the same as when she first entered the kitchen, her hair not even messed up.

“Okay, dinner is ready.” Ye Yunla put her apron down and curved her lips into a small smile, “I made cola chicken wings again today, little Ling Ling will love it.”

Fu Beijiu stepped forward to help her take the dishes out, and after the six dishes and one soup were neatly arranged, the children were already seated at the table.

“Wow, Auntie Yunla is amazing!” Fu Ziling cheered in surprise, “I want to eat three big bowls of rice today!”

He felt like the happiest little kid in the world when Auntie Yunla came to the Fu family every day to cook dinner for him!