HC Chapter 294

Although he denied the children for the time being, it didn’t matter, when this crisis was over, he would definitely find a way to claim the two children back.

Just then, his mobile phone buzzed and vibrated.

He scanned it and it was his father.

He took a slow breath and put the call through, “Dad, things have been settled, is the situation in the capital okay?”

“Brat, don’t think I’ll believe you just because you’ve joined forces with that woman to deny the baby! Just because the netizens are stupid doesn’t mean I’m stupid! You have a flirtatious nature like me and keep your love around, but you are not as cautious as me, I have long suspected that you have illegitimate children outside!” Elder Chen said coldly, “The bloodline of our Chen family must not be strayed, Tianqian, you must bring the child back to the capital!”

Chen Tianqian pressed his temples, “Dad, do you have to make a big deal out of it, if the child is brought back to the capital, the company’s share price will be affected again ……”

“Sure enough! I really guessed right, those two children are really the seeds of our Chen family!”

Chen Tianqian clenched his fist.

His father actually tested him ……

“Since they are indeed the Chen family’s bloodline, that can’t be sloppy, I will put my head together and find the perfect opportunity to bring the children back.”

Listening to Elder Chen’s words, Chen Tianqian was silent and did not say anything else.

His father had stepped in and should succeed in getting the two children back to him ……

Let’s just hope that this matter can be resolved in a low key manner, a situation like today, he never wants to experience it again ……

Twilight was falling.

The evening in Haicheng comes earlier and earlier, the orange sunset stains the western sky and the whole city is gradually enveloped in darkness.

Fu Beijiu drove back to the Fu family villa, he pushed open the car door and got down, before he could enter the house, he heard the sound of laughter coming from the living room.

It was the sound of Fu Zi Ling’s laughter.

He was circling around the little girl, clapping his hands as he ran, like an excited pug.

And little Yinyin didn’t reject Fu Ziling anymore, her big clear eyes looked at Fu Ziling as she went round and round, the corners of her pink lips curled up slightly, she could tell that the little girl was in a good mood.

Ye Jingzhan, on the other hand, sat on the sofa to the side, reading a book for a while before looking up at little Yinyin.

There was a delicate balance between the three children, a very harmonious one.

Little Yinyin’s eyes lit up even more when Fu Beijiu walked into the living room, and she threw away the toys she was holding and darted over.

Fu Beijue lifted her up and said in a low, soft voice: “Do you miss Uncle Fu?”

The little girl nodded her head vigorously.

“Uncle Fu would prefer to hear you tell me with your mouth.” Duke Fu Bei slowly said, “Try telling me?”

Little Yinyin’s pink lips opened for a long time before she let out a short syllable, “Want to ……”

“Little Yinyin is great!” Fu Beijiu stared at her encouragingly, “You have a very nice voice, Uncle Fu loves to hear you talk, will you speak more often in the future?”

The little girl was a little shy and hugged his neck.

Fu Beijiu knew that this matter could not be rushed.

Little Yinyin was already trying to talk, which was a good trend ……

He swept the kitchen, Ye Yunla was cutting vegetables, several male cooks were surrounding her, this one helping her wash the vegetables, that one helping her wash the pots, the most senior cook was closest to her, teaching her how to dice meat ……

Fu Beijiu put the little girl in his arms down: “Fu Ziling, take care of sister Yinyin.”

He turned around and went into the kitchen.

Fu Ziling: “……”

This was supposed to be his daddy, right, why did he not even look at him after entering the house?

He had the feeling that he had picked him up ……

Never mind, as long as sister Yinyin is willing to play with him now, all these things can be cared for.