HC Chapter 289

Compared to Ye Yunla’s laid-back demeanor, Chen Tianqian looked a bit exasperated.

After the news came out, people kept calling him from the capital, and his a*sistant secretary was reporting news on the share price every five minutes ……

The Chen family’s family group also exploded, and his wife kept sending him messages asking what was going on ……

Chen Tianqian sat on the hotel sofa and pressed hard on his temples.

If this matter is not resolved, his career and family, which he has worked so hard for decades, will all be ruined.

Taking a deep breath, he took out his mobile phone and dialled Ye Xueying’s number.

Ye Xueying had just come out of the concert hall.

This was her third tour, and with each concert more exciting than the last, more people were getting to know her and her popularity was rising rapidly.

When this tour ended, I was sure she would become the most sought-after pianist in the piano circle of Haicheng.

She scanned the caller ID, walked to an unoccupied place and put the phone through: “Hello, Mr. Chen ……”

“Ye Xueying, let me ask you, what is the news on the internet about?”

Chen Tianqian spoke coldly, aggressively questioning.

If this matter was not exposed by Ye Yunla, then it could only be Ye Xueying!

“Why is Mr. Chen so angry?” Ye Xue Ying smiled lightly, “I’ve seen the news on the internet, but I can tell Mr. Chen that it’s definitely not me, I’m busy with the tour, I don’t have time to get involved in what’s going on between you and my sister.”

She hooked her lips and continued, “It’s very likely that my sister herself found the journalist to expose this matter. Mr. Chen, think about it, you have a wife and a son, even if you truly like my sister, it is impossible for her to marry into the Chen family immediately. But if the matter of the child is exposed, Mrs. Chen will definitely be angry and may even file for divorce, so won’t my sister be able to take advantage of the opportunity to marry in ……”

Chen Tianqian lowered his eyebrows, now was not the time to pursue who had exposed this matter ……

He said coldly: “After all is said and done, you are to blame for all of this! Five years ago, if you hadn’t sought me out, how could I have had that one night with Ye Yunla? If it wasn’t for that night, I wouldn’t have suddenly had two more illegitimate children, all because of you!”

“Mr. Chen, that’s not nice of you to say!” Ye Xueying sneered, “It was you who took a glance at my sister, and it was my mother who went along with the flow and sent my sister to your bed ……”

Chen Tianqian said angrily, “I thought that Ye Yunla was with me voluntarily, but to my surprise, you and your mother, actually drugged her!”

“Without drugging her, would she have been obedient? Without drugging, would Mr. Chen have succeeded in sleeping with the number one beauty in Hai Cheng?” Ye Xue Ying sneered back, “My mother and I went to great lengths for the sake of adulting, and after five years Mr. Chen actually came to crusade against us, what a kind heart for a donkey’s liver!”

“What kind of drug did you give to Ye Yunla back then?”

“A drug that makes people obedient.”


Ye Yunla sat in her office as she listened to the recording, the cold smile at the corner of her mouth amplifying a little.

Chen Tianqian still had some brains, creating evidence even without it.

With this evidence in hand, there is no fear that Ye Xueying will make any more mischief ……

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular ones.

Tan Jing hurriedly came over, “President Ye, where are you going?”

Ye Yunla said indifferently, “To go downstairs.”

“This office building is surrounded by reporters.” Tan Jing paused and said, “Mr. Ye change into a cleaning outfit and leave through the back door, those reporters are aggressive, I’m afraid they won’t give up easily ……”