HC Chapter 287

It was slightly dawn when Ye Yunla was awakened by the ringing of her mobile phone.

She squinted and felt under her pillow, fished the phone out and pressed the answer button a few times before she reached it.

“Little Yara, you’re not still sleeping, are you?”

On the phone, came Feng Chengyu’s slightly anxious voice.

Ye Yunla rubbed her hair and said in a hoarse voice, “It’s only a little after six o’clock, why aren’t you sleeping at this hour?”

“Something big has happened and you’re the only one who can still sleep!” Feng Chengyu raised his voice, “I saw the news about you abroad, you’re really something, you’ve only been back home for a short while and you’re in the headlines every now and then …… You have such a hot body, why don’t you just turn into a female star, our Feng Group has invested in the entertainment industry, just in time to make you popular as a movie queen ……”

“Shut up.”

Ye Yunla was so noisy that her ears hurt from him.

She lifted the covers and sat up, saying indifferently, “I’ll see what’s going on with the news first, hang up.”

She clicked on the webpage and before she could search for her name, she saw a constant stream of local news popping up.

“Hai Cheng’s number one beauty gave birth overseas five years ago, and according to those in the know, it’s a pair of dragon and phoenix babies!”

“Shock! The father of Hai Cheng No.1 Beauty’s dragon and phoenix babies is actually Chen Tian Qian, the chairman of Tian Qian Group!”

“The two or three past events that the No.1 beauty of Haicheng and the chairman of Tianqian Group had to talk about ……”

As soon as she saw these news, Ye Yunla’s face immediately sank.

She had protected her child very well, all information about the child had been erased.

Unexpectedly, it had actually been exposed!

Apart from Ye Xueying, she couldn’t think of a second person who would do this!

She sank her breath and clicked on the news, just in time to see a picture of her picking up her two children from kindergarten, and the appearance of Chen Tianqian in the picture ……

“Rumour has it that Chen Tianqian and Ye Yunla are in the middle of a lawsuit over the seizure of their children, with the two having a disagreement over the custody of their children ……”

Below this news, a long string of comments –

“Crap! Hai Cheng’s number one beauty actually has a child already, she’s in that state, she really can’t tell she’s a mother of two kids, she’s so well maintained!”

“Wasn’t she photographed by a reporter five years ago having an affair with a wild man? The point is not that the man five years ago was Chen Tianqian! Chen Tianqian, a notoriously good husband and father, who mentions his wife and children in every interview, never thought he would cheat on his wife five years ago!”

“Even if he cheated, he actually had a pair of illegitimate children! Crap! The good father and husband persona has collapsed! Tianqian Group’s stock will definitely fall wildly, old ironmen, sell the stock in your hands, hurry up!”


Ye Yunla flipped through the netizens’ comments, her heart gradually calming down.

Chen Tianqian started his business at a young age and was a famous entrepreneur, often interviewed on TV, his fame was much bigger than hers, the number one beauty in Haicheng.

If this matter came to light, it would obviously have a greater impact on Chen Tianqian!

Ye Yunla raised her wrist and looked at the time, it was seven o’clock in the morning, it was still dawn outside the window, the whole city was in a deep sleep, only the netizens were partying.

If this matter was not resolved in time, the fire would sooner or later burn down on the two children.

Right now the netizens are focused on Chen Tianqian, and once this momentum has pa*sed, maybe the reporters will feel their way to the kindergarten ……