HC Chapter 285

On the sofa in the living room, under the dim light, Little Yinyin and Jing’er were both asleep with their eyes closed.

The little girl slept in Fu Beijiu’s arms, and Jing’er slept alone on the opposite sofa.

And Fu Beijiu carefully held Little Yinyin and bent down to cover Jing’er with a thin blanket ……

The scene was fixed at this moment.

If she didn’t know who Fu Beiji was, Ye Yunla would almost have thought that the three people in front of her were a family of three ……

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Fu Beijue looked back, he let out a sigh of relief and said, “You’re finally back.”

If she hadn’t come back, he really didn’t know how to take care of these two sleeping little ones ……

Although he was already the father of two children, in fact, in the past four years or so, he had never taken care of Fu Ziyan and Fu Ziling in such a personal way in everything.

“Thank you, Mr. Fu.”

Ye Yunla whispered her thanks.

Her original intention was to let housekeeper Qiao take care of them, after all, he had experience in taking care of children.

Unexpectedly, the one who ended up taking care of Little Yinyin and Jing’er was actually Fu Beijue.

It was unbelievable that this man, who was so high up and inviolable, would take care of the children ……

Ye Yunla gently walked over and bent down to pick up the little Yinyin on the sofa.

The moment she bent over, her collar dropped downwards, and the spring light on her chest hit the bottom of Fu Beijue’s eyes so unawares.

He was shocked, then averted his eyes in a wretched manner.

D*mn it.

He had only swept a glance from such a distance, but surprisingly …… would have felt it.

Ye Yunla didn’t notice Fu Beijue’s disorder in the slightest as she carried Little Yinyin upstairs.

Maybe she was walking too fast, maybe she forgot to change her shoes, and her high heels were a little unstable once she got on the stairs.

She had just gone up two flights of steps when her heels buckled and her whole body fell backwards ……

She instinctively held the baby close and closed her eyes waiting to roll down the stairs ……

The expected pain did not come, but was replaced by the warm, broad chest of a man, making one feel very secure.

The first thing you need to do is open your eyes and meet the dark eyes of Fu Beijue.

Under the dim light, the man’s obsidian-like eyes emitted a strange glow, like …… an aurora borealis only found in distant polar regions.


Yet, unforgettable.

“Thank …… Mr. Fu.”

Ye Yunla hastily stood up straight by holding onto the railing, her voice inexplicably a little dry and hoarse.

“You go and change your shoes, I’ll carry little Yinyin up.”

Fu Beijue snatched the little girl into his arms without a word and walked upstairs with big steps.

Watching his back disappear at the stairway, Ye Yunla’s mood suddenly rose and fell in some subtle ways.

She pursed her lips and pushed the strange emotion down.

She went to the entrance and changed into a pair of slippers, turned back and walked over to the sofa, picking up Ye Jingzhan in her arms.

Ye Jingzhan opened his eyes slightly, saw that it was Ye Yunla, and closed his eyes again and slept a*suredly ……

Ye Yunla carried him upstairs and placed him on the cot in the bedroom, but her eyes saw the laptop sitting on the desk.

The computer, which the three-year-old Ye Jingzhan had a*sembled himself, had previously been put away by Ye Yunla, who had forbidden him to use it again, but to her surprise the boy had actually taken it out again to tinker with it.

She went to the desk and was about to turn the computer on when she suddenly heard the slight sound of stairs descending outside.