HC Chapter 274

It was clearly him who met Yum Yum’s sister first, and it was clearly him who liked Yum Yum’s sister more, so why was this ……

The little one’s eyes glistened with tears, and his eyes were red.

Fu Ziling could no longer control it, he rushed over and squeezed away from Fu Ziyin.

“Sister Yinyin, let me take you to play with the puzzle.” Fu Ziling grabbed Little Yinyin’s hand, “Just now we had so much fun playing with the puzzle, we’ve only put half of it together, let’s finish the rest together, okay ……”

Little Yinyin’s delicate eyebrows furrowed and she shook Fu Ziling’s hand away with force.

Fu Ziling held it hard and wouldn’t let go.

“Fu Ziling, can’t you see that Little Yinyin is not happy?” Fu Zi Yan frowned, “Let go.”

“I won’t!”

Fu Ziling stubbornly straightened his back and tugged hard on the little girl’s wrist.

It was fine for Ye Jingzhan to steal Yinyin’s sister from him, at least that guy was Yinyin’s sister’s real brother.

But why should big brother be able to steal Yinyin’s sister away from him?

He likes Yinyin sister so much, he has done so much for Yinyin sister, why did Yinyin sister treat him so ……

Fu Zi Ling was so aggrieved that he wanted to cry, he took a deep breath and forced his tears back ……

Fu Ziyin’s eyes had more than a little coldness in them.

He looked down and saw Little Yinyin’s wrist was red ……

“Fu Zi Ling, I’ll say it again, let go!”

Fu Ziyan’s voice was even colder.

Fu Ziling still straightened his back and refused to let go of anything he said ……

Fu Ziyan walked over and broke his fingers one by one ……

Finally, little Yinyin’s wrist was saved, the little girl looked like she was in shock and hid behind Fu Ziyan like a rabbit ……

Those eyes looked at Fu Zi Ling with caution and disgust ……

“Woo wah-”

Fu Ziling could no longer hold back and cried out loudly with her mouth open.

Fu Beijue took in the scene as he walked over and said indifferently, “Before you cry, take a look at Little Yinyin’s hand.”

Fu Ziling looked over with a huff.

The little girl’s root-like white wrist was a ruddy red, shocking to the eye ……

“You said you like sister Yinyin, this is what you call like?” Fu Beijiu said coldly, “Go back to your room and come back down after half an hour of introspection.”

Fu Zi Ling’s sobs stuck in his throat, “Yinyin sister, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ……”

Little Yinyin hid behind Fu Ziyan, her eyes downcast and her fists tightly clenched.

“I’ll go and reflect, I will reflect properly ……”

Fu Zi Ling cried and ran upstairs, slamming the door to his room shut with a bang.

Fu Beijiu pinched his brow.

The day before yesterday he had sensed that little Yinyin was a bit repulsed by Fu Ziling, and he hadn’t understood why before.

Now he could see that the boy had never been light and heavy, so he must have hurt little Yinyin at some point and the little girl was holding a grudge ……

Fu Ziyan held Little Yinyin and sat on the sofa, slowly said, “Fu Zi Ling likes you very much, but he doesn’t know how to express his like, so he accidentally hurt you, don’t take it personally with him ……”

Little Yinyin lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering.

“What did you do to my sister?”

As soon as Ye Jingzhan entered the living room, he noticed that Little Yinyin’s mood was extremely out of place.

Little Yinyin often had a wooden face, not happy or sad, and there wouldn’t be much that could infect her emotions.

But now, the little girl’s eyes were red, her eyelashes were trembling violently, and there was a watery glow under her eyes ……