HC Chapter 266

She wanted to be Mrs. Fu!

Ye Xueying wiped a handful of tears from her eyes and looked blankly at the traffic coming and going on the main road.

To be Mrs. Fu, how easy it was!

She had nothing to hold on to now.

What to do ……

Just then, her mobile phone rang and she scanned the caller ID, it was Alice’s phone.

Every Saturday afternoon, Alice would give her lessons in person.

But now that Fu Beijiu had kicked her out of the Fu family and the piano had been destroyed, was Alice calling to cancel her lessons?

Ye Xue Ying took a deep breath and put the phone through.

“Xue Ying, good news!” Alice said with slight delight, “A piano tour will invite me to be a live tutor, I can use my privilege to let my students perform on stage, your piano qualification is very good, I want to invite you to join this piano tour with me.”

Ye Xueying was slightly stunned, “Me?”

“Yes, it’s you, I promised Young Master Fu to focus on training you, such a good opportunity, of course you are the one to come.” Alice smiled, “This tour will be held mainly abroad, five shows in total, those who come to hear the recital are all industry tycoons, this is the perfect time for you to raise your profile ……”

Ye Xueying gripped her phone tightly.

This was the path Fu Ziyan had paved for her before.

Once she had made it in the piano world, Fu Ziyan would help her enter the Fu family.

But now ……

“Xue Ying, do you hear me?” Alice did not get a response and could not help but raise her voice.

“I was so happy that I didn’t know what to say for a moment.” Ye Xue Ying slowed down and put on a happy face, “Master Alice, please send me the exact time and address, I will rush there immediately.”

Since there was such an opportunity delivered before her eyes, it must not be wasted.

What if she could really make a name for herself in the piano world, what if Fu Beijue changed his mind about her?

This was her last chance.

She must, must be among the piano circle!


Because of Ye Xueying, it took fifty minutes before Fu Ziyan arrived at the Fu family villa.

As soon as his car stopped, he saw Ye Yunla’s car drive away.

There was only a minute difference between the time before and after.

“Big brother, why did you only come back?”

Fu Ziling walked over unhappily.

Yinyin’s sister had been unhappy all night and wasn’t even looking at him, so he had been waiting for big brother to come home and reverse the situation.

Unexpectedly, Yinyin’s sister had all left before big brother came back ……

Fu Ziyan ignored him and turned around to direct the staff to carry the piano into the villa.

Fu Ziling frowned: “Big brother, you’re crazy, why are you buying a piano for that bad witch again, I forbid you to carry this piano into the house ……”

Fu Zi Yan swept him a faint glance, “This is a meet and greet gift for Little Yinyin.”

Fu Zi Ling’s eyes lit up, “Wow, big brother, you actually bought a piano for Little Yinyin, this piano is even better than the last one, it must be very expensive! How much is it, I’ll give you half, consider this gift as a gift from both of us together to Little Yinyin!”

“This is a personal gift from me to Little Yinyin, it has nothing to do with you.” Fu Ziyan’s face was cold, “Just leave it here, thank you.”

The staff put the piano away before leaving.

Fu Zi Ling glared at his big brother and said with dissatisfaction, “I was the one who met sister Yinyin first, if you want to send it, it’s also me, why should you send it alone?”

“I don’t care what you want to send, go and buy it yourself.” Fu Zi Yan coldly threw down these words and went upstairs.

Fu Zi Ling: “……”

If he had money, would he need to say these words with a shy face?

Hmph, isn’t big brother just relying on the fact that he manages a company and has lots and lots of money in his cards?

Tomorrow he will also ask daddy to give him a company, he will sell it secretly and then buy gifts for Little Yinyin and Auntie Yunara ……