HC Chapter 262

Ye Yinyin narrowed her brows and sighed again.

Ye Jingzhan’s face was full of shock.

Her sister would not lie and would rarely communicate with the outside world, once she did, it must be the words her sister wanted to say the most, there was no way they could be false.

In other words, Fu Ziling must be Ye Xueying’s son!

Ye Xueying is Mummy’s greatest enemy!

Then Fu Ziling, the son of Mummy’s enemy ……

No wonder Little Yinyin has suddenly changed her attitude towards Fu Ziling ……

So it’s like this ……

I can’t believe it’s like this ……

Fu Ziling, Fu Ziyin, is actually Ye Xueying’s son!

How could this happen ……

On Ye Jingzhan’s face, which had always been as calm as water, the shock did not subside for a long time.

“What’s happening?”

Fu Beijue also noticed what was going on between the few children, he hadn’t wanted to care, but he found Ye Jingzhan’s face out of shape.

The boy was smart enough, early and resilient, and it seemed that few things could make him lose his temper.

Could it be that Fu Ziling had done something humanly outrageous to little Yinyin?

Fu Beijue frowned and walked over.

Ye Jingzhan pushed down the shock in his heart and lifted his head, his dark eyes staring deadly at the man in front of him.

If this man was his and Little Yinyin’s real father!

Then that meant that Fu Ziling and Fu Ziyan, were his and Little Yinyin’s half-brothers.

So, is it possible to understand that five years ago, Fu Beijue made the two Ye family sisters pregnant at the same time ……

The light under Ye Jingzhan’s eyes was slowly tinted with a hint of coldness.

Fu Beijiu’s finger was a beat.

This child had just released kindness to him, why all of a sudden, looking at him with such eyes?

This look, wrapped in a deep coldness, was like the ice and snow of a cold winter month ……

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

He slightly bent down and extended his arms from the little girl: “Come, let Uncle Fu give you a hug.”

The little girl, who was still sad just now, after seeing Fu Beijue, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly and she flew into Fu Beijue’s arms.

Fu Beijue hugged her and threw her upwards, the little girl let out a silver bell-like laugh before falling into Fu Beijue’s arms ……

Ye Jingzhan’s two eyebrows were furrowed in a deadly frown.

Her sister only knew that Fu Ziling was Ye Xueying’s son, so she stayed away from Fu Ziling.

How come it never occurred to her that why did Ye Xueying’s son call Fu Beijue daddy?

Sister is still too innocent ……

“Daddy, I want to lift high too!”

Fu Zi Ling flew over, he instantly forgot about the displeasure he had just felt and pulled Fu Bei Jue to play with him too.

Fu Beijue swept him a glance: “You’re already so old, and you’re still playing with the heights? Are you childish?”

Fu Ziling: “……”

He was four years old, and Yinyin’s sister was also four years old, where was he childish?

Moreover, when he was two or three years old, daddy had never played with him to lift the height ……

Fu Ziling pouted in aggravation, feeling that the sky was about to collapse.

Fu Beijue lifted a few more times before he held the little girl in his arms and asked softly, “Little Yinyin, are you unhappy about something?”

When he asked this, the corners of Little Yinyin’s lips that were curled up dropped, the unhappiness in her brows was too obvious.